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Big Boris:
So, apparently some of you like to paint miniatures from other companies. Well, whilst we're not here to promote everyone else, we do like to see well-painted miniatures of all kinds as much as the next miniatures fan!

You can post miniatures - painted by yourself -  on this section of the Gallery Of Doom; please don't only ever post non-FOD minis though, we'd like to see as much of your FOD stuff as possible! When you post, please start the subject title with the manufacturer name, then the mini, eg, "GW: Space Marine Chiropodist" or "Reaper: Same Old Female Assassin Thief Magic User Elf"

As you can guess from the sarcasm, unless you've excelled yourself, no-one probably wants to see yet another squad of badly painted Space Marines. We'd really love to see the more esoteric stuff that doesn't get online much - the Gnolls, the Hill Giants, that set of Dwarfs from 1988 that were cooking a goblin. That sort of thing. However, if you happen to be a really good painter with a fresh take on a paint scheme or just dazzling brush skillz that will make us all weep, feel free to post anything else you've got to excite us with. As ever, the FOD is mainly aimed at Sci-fi, fantasy, etc, so bear that in mind. You'll probably not get any comments

IF the mini was not painted by yourself, you should really post it in the Other minis/rpgs/etc board, as it comes under the 'vague advertising' area, ie it's a promo for another company rather than you showing off your mad skillz.

As always, feedback should be constructive. WE DO NOT TOLERATE flaming, rudeness, abuse, etc on the FOD. The first sign of it will get posts deleted and people banned. Not joking! :tantrum: Also, if your painting is not very good, don't feel bad if you get no feedback. People tend to be too polite to say something is a bit rubbish. What we will do is try to give you tips to improve, including links to any tutorials or examples of stuff that will help you improve. Never give up: some of the best painters on here were a bit rubbish when they first posted but thanks to constant practise, examples posted by other people and the occasional helpful comment they are now massively better!


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