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What this board is about
« on: August 11, 2007, 09:40:00 PM »
Just what is says on the front page!!

My inbox is busy with submissions for 'White Metal' and the most common question i get asked is "do you think it has promise".  I thought rather then just me replying that i would start a board for members in general to answer posters queries.

As this project is still so new there arent really any groundrules established yet.  What i want to achieve here is for those who have emailed me with work to be able to post it here for feedback with regard to how it interests you guys.  It is NOT a place for you to slam unneccessarily another persons skills or talents but a place where we want you to be honest but fair.  Dont make me get all cross with you as i know you are generally a really fair bunch on here.

We are taking a risk on a lot of the 'WM' sculpts but so far the risks seems to have worked out and our budget is completely empty until later in the year...but however that does not mean we arent on the lookout continually for sculpts to purchase when cash allows.  Hopefully here we can get some activity going with regard to finding out the diversity of both skills available and customers 'wants' lists.

Does that make sense?...........expect me to edit this a few times as the baby keeps kicking everytime i try to get my words out!

Sally :)

PS, if you are new to HF then check out 'White Metal' here
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