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Chibi Tanks, planes n ships...sooooooo cute!

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Really enjoyed doing these, got some ships and egg planes incoming too :)

The windows were actually clear but I painted them in for a more cartoony look

The lancy, B17, HE 177 & Tu-2 are all Meng models as well as the Sherman, Tiggy, King and KV2


Those are too cute for words :)

Tiger models fighters, amazing kits a joy to put together!

didn't come with pilots so I recast some of my rivetwars pilots and modeled some oxygen masks to make them a little more WW2

Spit and ME109

F4-U Corsair and Nikajima KI-84 Hayate

Final two in the series P-40 Warhawk and Soviet Lavocgkin LA-7

First wave of Hasegawa egg planes done!

Phantom, Falcon, intruder, mig 15, harrier, flanker and raptor


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