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Here we go again <rolls eyes>

UNSC finished...

Cracking work (as is usually the case :D ! ) and I look forward to seeing how the covenant forces turn out.

Could you do me a favour and take a pic of one of those Warthogs next to a space marine please? I reckon I could shoe-horn a space dwarf or two in there and it would be really handy to get an idea of scale.

Cheers :)

Do you have a Pelican dropship?

I'll sort some pics out tomorrow mate, think they might be a little small but the micro ops stuff is slightly larger so I will picture them all together

Yup Both covy and UNSC dropships pre-ordered :)

I also got one of the micro ops Falcons incoming, I think with a little tickle over should be pretty funky

The micro ops halo walls and towers are bloody amazing btw!

Here you go, might be able to squeeze a dwarves carcass in the larger micro ops hog but the Spartan 15mm is probably too small


Thanks for the picture :)

I agree with you completely... which is a shame because the smaller one will be more readily available (but not usable) :( .


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