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Alien v Predator...the painting begins.

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Figured I better make a start on my AvP stuff, might only be a couple of years before I get the rest of my stuff!

Couple of days work and all the Aliens and Yutani commandos are done, quick airbrush then picked out a few details with the hairy stick. Never been a gloss finish man myself but felt that something on these Little fellas had to take on the classic shiny look so I compromised and glossed the heads, quite a funky look, pleased with it

nice. but still glad i steered clear of that kickstarter

They look amazing, great choice for colours.

Oh that's a bit nice.

Marines done! I decided to add some cables to the loader (simply 1mm wire bent to shape) because in my opinion a loader just aint a loader with all those lovely hydraulic cables!

Queen/Loader comparison


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