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Figured it was high time I cracked open that box and splashed some paint on these chaps before they start piling up, will get some better pics when I have painted a few more but for now I started with the usual suspects, the Vaderman himself and his armour clad groupies! Of course, nowadays I cant seem to open a boardgame without wanting to replace all tose boring tiles with 3D stuff so working on some drop scenery to play with too!

Very nice. Looking forward to seeing the ATST painted up.
I have to say I didn't even see darth badger in the first pic until I saw the light saber. Lol

Very interesting how do they compare scale wise with the WOTC minis?

I don't own any wizards swars stuff so not quite sure, if they are the same scale as the dnd figures I can bob one alongside for comparison if you like? The dnd stuff looks really small compared to the troopers though!

meanwhile, on a padded lap tray in a galaxy not too far away....

Added a few more, AT-ST's, Royal Guard + Champion and Probe Droids

Very nice. All of them.


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