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Grymn Fluff - A Chance Encounter.
« on: October 06, 2014, 07:55:17 PM »
A Chance Encounter.

Horgan stood in a braced position, tracking the forest line with his mini-gun.  Seven other Grymn were doing the same with their SMGs and grenade-launchers.  They were silent and listening for the slightest sound of movement.  Ingrid was kneeling beside Torek; administering medical aid for a gun-shot wound to his side.  He was in pain but would survive.

Suddenly a Grymn to the left of Horgan fired his SMG into the trees and was rewarded with a squeal of pain; quite clearly of Bohkin origin.  Further shots were fired by various other Grymn and then quiet again.  Horgan looked left and right.  It was as if he could sense something was wrong.  Intuitively he ducked down as a stream of machine-gun fire parted the air where he had recently stood and whistled off into the distance.  Horgan squeezed the trigger and the forest line exploded into a kaleidoscope of debris.  Many screams were heard as the onslaught shredded trees, leaves and Bohkin scouts with equal malice.  When Horgan relaxed his trigger finger, the sound of fleeing creatures could be heard.  It would appear that the Bohkin had retreated for the time being.

Horgan remained where he stood and continued to scan the tree line.  He knew that Bohkin were sneaky customers and almost wished that they would prove him right.  The group of Grymn had been ambushed but had managed to defend themselves aggressively enough to see off the attackers.  Unfortunately, Torek had been hit in the first volley of gunfire and that really annoyed Horgan.  He felt that they were not being careful enough.

To the right Horgan heard movement. He swung his weapon to bear and waited.  The movement was getting closer and it was as if there was no wish to conceal the noise.  In fact Horgan could hear the chirpy noise of the Bohkin screaming at the trees, almost pleadingly.  Within moments a wild eyed Bohkin burst in to the clearing in front of him.  It didn’t have a weapon but had wild staring eyes that were too busy staring at the trees to even notice Horgan.  In fact the screaming Bohkin ran straight at him chirping wildly.  In moments it had reached him and had bumped into him as it tried to run past, tripping over Horgan’s leg in the process.  Horgan was about to react when the Bohkin leapt to its feet and tore off into the trees on the other side of the clearing.  Horgan watched as the creature ran wildly through the undergrowth with no apparent thought for self preservation.  A further noise from where the Bohkin had appeared from caused Horgan to turn around.  More movement was forth coming, closely followed by more Bohkin.  None had weapons and they all looked as terrified as the first one.  Horgan watched as they too ran past in panic.  He returned his gaze to the entrance point again and immediately felt a wave of nausea flow through him as his weapon fell with a thump, to the floor.  He felt his legs buckle and he dropped to his hands and knees as with a huge retch, he vomited.  His vision had started to blur but he looked over to the rest of his squad members and saw that they were equally affected.  He tried to raise his head to look where he had been a moment previously but was forced to vomit again as a new, more intense wave of nausea flooded through him.  He had never felt so wretched in his life.  Horgan held his breath and forced himself to look to where the Bohkin had come from.  It took a huge effort but he managed to raise his head far enough to see a large pair of two-toed feet in front of him.

Almost as quickly as the feeling had arrived, the nausea disappeared.  Horgan reached instinctively for his mini-gun but it was no longer where it had dropped.  His training kicked in and he threw himself over to one side and leapt into a fighting crouch.  In front of him was a tall figure with a broad crowned head looking at him.  Horgan felt a lesser feeling of sickness as his mind was filled with a sighing voice.

“Stand down soldier, your work is done for today” said the voice.

Horgan looked at the face of the figure in front of him and noticed that it had not spoken to him but had projected its voice directly into his head.  The face smiled as if it understood the confusion written all over Horgan’s face.

“We come to you as friends” said the voice in Horgan’s mind again.

Horgan passed out.

When he came too, Horgan was lying next to Ingrid.  She had applied a cold flannel to his brow and was speaking tenderly to him.

“It’s good to see that you are awake” she said, “We have some new friends for you to meet”.

Horgan sat up and immediately looked into the deep black pits of one of the newcomers eyes.  He felt a very slight feeling of sickness as a voice filled his head again.

“We are sorry for the unease that you feel when we speak with you but some are more sensitive than others to our method of communication” it said.

Horgan looked at the creature in front of him thoroughly for the first time.  It was exceptionally tall; being almost twice the height of a Grymn, was slender and had the usual pattern of two arms, two legs, a torso and a head.  It had bare feet with two fat toes and three-fingered hands.  The face seemed friendly enough but was obviously alien and it was crowned with a thick, bony ridge around the top of its skull.  All it wore was a cloak, a tabard and a few trinkets on a belt and it carried a staff.

“I am the one called Zuuh’tah and I am known as the walker among tribes” It said “you are known as Huurgaan and you reap the life grains with your death-giver”.

“That is true” said Horgan as he sat upright and propped himself up with his hands on the floor “but I only kill those that mean me harm...Zoota”

“Yes...we have seen this today” replied Zuuh’tah.

“We?” questioned Horgan.

“Yes, we” he replied, calmly gesturing with an open, upturned palm towards a small group of similar looking aliens over near the tree line.  Some were dressed as he was and some wore light armour pieces and carried rifle styled weaponry.

Horgan returned his gaze to the alien and asked what they wanted from his squad.

“We wish to be allies with the tribe of Grymmmn” Said Zuuh’tah “it is a small thing to ask...yes?”

“But we don’t know can we be allies until we know that we can trust one another” Horgan replied.

“You may trust us because you would have been easy to make it otherwise” came the reply.

“Fair point...but I am no ambassador” Horgan said “you must meet with our lords to discuss terms of allegiance”.

“At some point, we will discuss terms with your lords but today we are content to have made first contact with your tribe of Grymmmn” it said “and now that we have, it is time for us to depart”.

Zuuh’tah stood and looked thoughtfully at Horgan for a moment, turned around and strolled towards the tree line again.  As he disappeared through the undergrowth a whispering voice filled Horgan’s mind again...

“We are watching your tribe and will return when the time is right” said the voice.

Horgan looked over to where the other aliens had stood and of their presence, nothing could be seen.

“What the feth just happened?” queried Horgan, as he spat on the ground nearby.

“I think it was hello” said Ingrid.

“I guess so” he replied.

“Right, lets get packed up and get home...we have to tell the hierarchy what happened here” said Sgt Reiks.

The squad brought itself to its senses and began the bustle of getting ready to move.  In a few moments Horgan, the Sgt and the rest of the Grymn were purposefully walking off towards camp.  It had been a strange day and some people would be sure to think they were mad but in time, they would see differently.

And so the Grymn met the Delsertis for the first time, knowing that it would not be the last......
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