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Daddy's armour
« on: June 13, 2013, 11:17:28 PM »
Everyone knows the tales of Gwen of the Vale. How she rose up to face the challenge in her father's absence and became known as a true defender of her people. When Egrevard was called away to war he sat his daughter down and informed her that, as his only child, she was to be left in charge of the keep during his absence. Hers it would be to govern and protect the people of the valley beneath the castle walls and to hold the keep against aggressors who would seek to take it from the family line. He was trusting her to be responsible, relying on her to look after his holdings while he was away.

During the weeks leading up to his departure Gwen took many trips to the castle armourer. He would chat in a friendly and reassuring manner as he fitted her for her armour but every time he called it her armour she would correct him. "It's my daddy's armour," she would say, "he's paying for it". And she adamantly stood by this notion despite arguments to the contrary. Many took this to mean that she disliked wearing the suit, that it chaffed, wounded her pride to be contained within an iron cage. But as the months passed and she patrolled the walls come rain or shine, a thick cloak to swaddle her 'gainst the mountain mists that would descend down the valley side from the peak's above, she seemed to grow accustomed to it.

Only she knew the truth. It was her father's armour, not because he paid for it, but because whenever she wore it, it was as if he wrapped his big arms around her to protect her from harm. This sturdy suit of iron was all she had to remember him by as she paced the castle walls and yet, whenever she felt at risk, she knew that he and every one of her ancestors before him was there with her in those times of trouble.

Stuff I haven't included. I sense that her mother died when she was young (not died in childbirth 'though), so she's lord Egrevard's only living offspring. Possibly his only living direct relative. I just like the idea of the armour serving a dual purpose to help her absent father feel close.
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Re: Daddy's armour
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Nice concept!