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Grymn Fluff - Harald.
« on: March 20, 2013, 11:52:23 AM »

Harald tensed his heavy gauntlet and felt the slight resistance as the powered systems caught up. He checked his head-up display (HUD) and could clearly see that he had plenty of power left in his pulse-carbine. He then crouched into a squat and stood up before shrugging his shoulders to prove that all of the suits joints were operating correctly. Finally, he double checked the power and oxygen levels before stepping from the charging plate and going to join his unit.

Harald was part of a small building clearance team. It was his job to be the first into a building to make sure that it was safe for his lighter armoured colleagues to enter without fear of booby-traps. Today, they were going into a seemingly deserted settlement that had been flagged up as having an active energy source.

The journey to the settlement was by anti-grav carrier and was uneventful. When they arrived, Harald and the rest of his unit went to rendezvous with the patrol leader and his company before getting the go-ahead to proceed into the settlement. Haralds unit was to be escorted by a single platoon from the patrol who would be acting as cover while the building clearances were completed.

The advance into the settlement was done by numbers with standard tactical spacing and surge/pause movement. Once they arrived at the first building, the scanners and motion sensors were used to check the building for any life before Harald set his suit to ‘whisker’ mode and entered the building. Whisker mode set the suit’s close, personal, scanners to maximum to pause the suit if any trip-wires or pressure plates were detected. This placed extra demands on the suits power and control systems so it was only used during house clearance operations. Harald disappeared into the building and after around five minutes, emerged to declare that the building was safe. On hearing the information, the unit leader closed the main door and marked it with a large, blue ‘C’ before the unit and their cover platoon moved off to the next building.

There were 35 target buildings and as the day progressed, the map was slowly covered in more blue ‘C’s. Harald was beginning to think that he was on a wild Braak chase when they approached building 21.
“Tin-man” said the unit leader “we have energy readings”.
“Roger, sergeant” replied Harald as he set his suit to whisker mode again and carefully entered the building. Almost immediately, the suit stuttered and the HUD flashed a warning. Harald stepped back again and checked the indicated area. There was a trip wire and he traced it to a small fragmentation grenade that was tucked in the hinges behind the door. He carefully pinned the wire in place at both ends and snipped the wire with his powered gauntlet before continuing into the building. He was being particularly careful now and even before his suit stuttered for the second time, he had spotted the pressure plate at the base of the stairs. He carefully checked the rug that covered the plate to see if there was a two-way switch underneath it before removing the rug. The pressure plate was set directly above an anti-vehicle mine that would have probably been the death of him; even with the protection of the heavy powered armour. It was a familiar mine and Harald pulled a small pin from his utility belt and carefully inserted it into the safety port on the mine to deactivate it. He then checked and scanned beneath the mine for more devices before he was satisfied that it was safe to remove. He carefully lifted the mine and re-traced his steps from the building. Once outside, he placed the mine into one of the stasis chambers before sealing it and marking the details on the information plate on the outside. He gave the thumbs up before entering the building again and after another few minutes he had searched the ground floor with no further incidents. It was time to go upstairs.

The stairs were clear. The landing was clear. The first two rooms were clear.

The suit stuttered and flashed warnings as he was about to open the third door. A quick scan showed a small, anti-personnel mine; linked to the door handle. Harald was happy that the mine was a recognised type and that the suit would not be harmed, so he stood to one side of the door and turned the handle. There was a dull crump as the suit’s aural protection kicked in and muffled the sound of the explosion. Harald felt the pressure wave but was not in the direct line of the blast so was hit by limited debris. He paused for a moment before pushing the remains of the door aside and entering the room. He instantly realised something was wrong when his energy sensors registered a massive spike of emergent power in the room.
“HOSTILES!” shouted Harald as he instinctively raised his arm to deflect the incoming drone. He took the impact before energising the gauntlet and frying the drones systems. The dog sized robotic device dropped to the floor before two more leaped towards Harald. The first, he caught in his powered gauntlet with the second being blown out of the air by pulse carbine blasts. His HUD was alive with blips as he continued to make his way into the room. More drones appeared and leapt onto his suit; scratching away with armoured claws and attempting to get a grip on the smooth surfaces. Harald blazed away with his pulse carbine and ripped the drones from his suit with his powered gauntlet. One of the drones managed to get a claw onto his visor and left a large gouge across the armoured plexi-glass before being crushed and thrown off. With a final shot from his pulse-carbine, the last drone burst apart and dropped, lifeless, to the floor. Harald double checked his HUD and could see no further energy readings. He re-scanned the room and checked the next door which was clear of booby-traps so he entered the room. Inside, there was a small figure strapped to a chair. To one side, there was a trolley with a selection of dental tools and surgical implements. The white gown that covered the figure was heavily stained with blood and Harald could tell that he was dead. He approached the figure while scanning the room. He leant down to see what state the figure was in before his suit stuttered again and his HUD flashed up a weak energy signal. Harald scanned the area but could find no further devices. He double checked his HUD and the weak energy signal was still there so he checked the trolley and area around the chair but found nothing. He looked down at the figure in the chair. The figure looked back at him with wide, frightened eyes before realising that Harald was an ally. The figure smiled a weak, toothless smile from a blood caked mouth.
“MEDIC!” shouted Harald, knowing that this was the final room and the building was now safe.
The figure closed his eyes and relaxed.
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Re: Harald the Grymn
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 :applause: sounds like a dentist i used to go to  :crazy:
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Re: Harald the Grymn
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Cheers, Inso.  I always enjoy your tales.