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Bought this a while back and had the urge to use larger ships. Bought the Kenner Blockade runner and Star destroyer )lights and sound)! Runners not a bad scale but the destroyer of course is waaaaaaay out of scale will do to represent a generic large Imperial ship however and more importantly lends some eye candy to the game.

While the fighters come pre-painted (not half bad either) the larger ships got treated to a re-paint

Fantastic game btw, easy and lots of fun, plan to build a star destroyer rear section as a 3d game board and maybe a Nebulon B, probably throw in a trench run board too as I just bought and downloaded the deathstar surface print thingy, lots of other things planned...just need the time <sigh>

Btw the game mat was a picture taken from the hubble telescope then sent to an online company to print on pvc...feckin brilliant!

Corvette after a quick re-paint

Star Destroyer, bit o airbrush lurvin

I made the bases from some spare acrylic I had in the garage, created the damage chart using the principle that if you can touch it with the range ruler you can hit it, simple and effective

The shuttle is hallmark Christmas deccy, it even lights up and plays the imperial cool is that!

Asteroids are simply lava rocks, hole drilled in bottom and flying bases attached...didn't even have to paint these..laaaaaaaazy!

I saw this over on the FFG forum and didn't realise it was you! Fantastic stuff, even down to the asteroids. I've bought the base game and all the add ons but have yet to play it, sadly.

It's all good clean fun, even better when a rookie Tie fighter pilot gets the kill shot on that annoying Luke fella and sends him to his maker in a huge fireball  :woohoo:

I swear, game companies have the worst proofreaders.

They misspelled "hangar," for one thing.

Bewildered Badger:
Er, Bulldog said he made the bases...


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