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...on a base  from the new 'Ark' range from Fenris

Ben Brownlie:
I really like the painting on this (and that's what the base was for) but the colour scheme is really disjointed

Wonderfully applied, just looks odd

Thanks, Ben - I appreciate your honesty. Could you be more specific? Is it the black/grey undershirt d'you think or possibley the grey armour?. I did use a very limited palete of greens and browns to match a Mercs limited edition figure I painted and sold a while back( but wanted to keep aspects of the original concept hence the grey. This has gone to the same 'client'

Ben Brownlie:
For me it's the camo. It looks out of place. Whether it needs to be on the armour rather than the fatigues, or whether they need to be the same colour as the undershirt and forget the camo I do not know, but as it stands it tends to make the focal point of the mini his thighs

The grey armour plates on the shoulders and knees offer a nice contrast to the green, but for similar reasons to the legs/camo, I'd have carried the green down to the codpiece rather than have that stand out too much

Stellar painting, Dwartist, but I do agree with Ben, the paint scheme is very disjointed. 
I'm reminded of the Clone War era Star Wars stormtrooper that tried to bushwhack yoda in the Battle for Kashyykk in Episode 3...

(Although I admit the camo scheme does work....)

Maybe it's the solid armored plates and the camo pattern trousers that's so jarring?  Regardless, your brushwork is to die for....


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