Author Topic: Thoughts on a Dota type tower defence game?  (Read 1825 times)

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Thoughts on a Dota type tower defence game?
« on: July 15, 2012, 08:47:21 PM »
Hi all, this is my first post here but I have been lurking for quite a while and I am quite active on the Hasslefree face book page.

I love the Hasslefree fantasy range (well I love all the ranges) and I often looked at my minis sitting on the shelf and wanted to incorporate them into a game and thought it would be great to make a game just for Hasslefree fantasy characters but never really had any good ideas.

I have recently been playing Dota 2 which is a follow up to a very popular PC game and I think it would transfer nicely to a tabletop miniatures game. So what is Dota? Dota stands for Defence of the Ancients and it pits two teams of 5 characters against each other as they bid to desecrate each others sacred temple which is protected by towers.

In the computer game minions help the characters and the characters level up as they go but I wanted to start of with something that would be very easy to play out with miniatures on a table so here is a basic outline of what I have so far;

The game is for two players and is played on a 4x4 tabletop. The object of the game is to desecrate the opponents base. Each player has 5 characters, 6 tower markers and a base marker. each player sets up their base with their towers positioned around it (there will be a rule which stipulates where they can be placed, ie not within 6 inches of each other) The towers will be stationary but have a ranged attacked, the characters will only have a base to base or base to tower attack but obviously will be able to move. That's basically all there is to it I just need to work on the details, here are some of the many ideas I have;

1. So far I have looked at 4 factions which I would like to make up from the Hasslefree range, these are: Good dwarfs, Evil dwarfs, Good humans, Evil humans. Obviously we can give them better names than that but each faction would initially start out with 5 base characters
2. Towers will consist of 3 arrow towers, 2 cannon towers and a flame tower. Towers are the same for all factions. Towers can be destroyed by characters. Different characters will be more effective at destroying different towers.
3. Each character has one wound or health point but when they are killed they can respawn the following turn back at the base.
4. Turns would work on a "you go I go" e.g you move and make an action with one character then I do the same with mine until we have used all our characters

I have lots more ideas but don't really want to bore people reading who have made it this far any longer. I just thought I would post this to gauge peoples thoughts and start refining the rules for a test (I also need to buy a couple of minis to make a full set of 5 for each faction). I had thought about starting a facebook group where I could post things like rules, resources and updates and discuss it but I am aware a lot of people don't like using facebook. I could always but stuff on facebook and repeat it here.

Thanks for reading and let me have your thoughts!