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Announcements and News / Salute 2012 PROMOTION
« on: February 21, 2012, 02:29:31 PM »
This year we can do the Salute promotion in two ways.  Over the years it has bothered us that customers who physically arent able to get to Salute because of its location, finances, work constraints etc can't benefit from the extra goodies that attending customers have.

Those who are attending:

Pre-orders.  From Monday 5th March the following code will be valid on the website until Monday 16th April 2012.  SALUTEPREORDER
This code can ONLY be used if you plan on attending the show and will collect your pre-packed order there. 
It gives you free shipping (obviously as you are collecting it) on any value of order. If you try to 'do a sneaky' we reserve the right to slap on 'cheeky tax' and charge you shipping costs!
Orders over 35 (excluding VAT) 42 including VAT will receive a free copy of the metal 'Statue of Liberty' figure.
plus when you collect your order at the show you will have a choice of 2 free sticker/decal sheets from a selection

REMEMBER:  We have a release on 26th March including the new Felicity, Hayden and a few other bits and bobs which you can include in this timeframe!

At the show
We will only have limited stocks of the metal 'Statue of Liberty' figure available for sale.  We will have a promotion at the show but it hasnt been finalised yet.   Casting issues mean it is unviable for us to put her into general metal production (the spikes on her headdress rip the mould) .The quantity has been estimated based upon previous Salute Sales figures and also volume of website orders during promotions.

Those who cant attend:

Sorry, we will miss you.  Maybe you can come along another year.
To cheer you up we have the following deal.

Enter the code MAKEMEHAPPYSALLY at checkout from Thursday 19th April 2012 to Monday 23rd April 2012 and get 10% off of your order value (before tax and shipping) plus a free copy of the metal 'Statue of Liberty' in your order on all orders over 35 (excluding VAT) and a mystery additional item.


The metal 'Statue of Liberty' figue is only going to be available for either Salute pre-orders, the Salute Website promotion or to buy at the show.  She will be available as a general release figure in resin.  On July 17th (my birthday) we will be releasing the conversion of this figure depicting me as Britannia.

Enjoy!  Any questions or if I have missed something out then just let me know!

thanks lots

Sally :)

Announcements and News / Stickers and Decals.
« on: February 21, 2012, 10:52:05 AM »

The 'accessories' section is starting to build up nicely.  It is taking a while to get the backlogged older codes online along with the new releases coming through but i think we are getting there!

We are using different kinds of artwork for different effects. 

1:  Screenprinting:  The decals in this series are printed onto a backing and will slide off with no cutting out neccessary.  This is being used for some of the more complex Oriental artwork and also for the modern urban series. The most expensive of the 4 options with current pricing coming in at around 5 (plus VAT) per individual sheet.

2: ALPS printing:  Printing in white ink onto clear decal film gives an opacity to the design but you dont have to cut around it exactly as the film is clear.  About the same cost as screenprinting at the moment but we are working on bringing the cost down.

3: Laser Printing:  Full colour (CMYK) and mono from high spec printer onto clear and white decal film.  The more traditional method and reasonable priced at around 1.25 (plus vat) to 2 (plus vat) per individual sheet.

4: Sticker printing:  Full colour (CMYK) onto adhesive backed matt or glossy paper or film.  The idea of the sticker especially for the warehosue/warning signs/police tapes series is to make decorating terrain lots quicker and easier than applying decals...just cut , peel and stick and job done.  The first series onto the glossy paper is perfect for signifying shiny plastic posters.  Its also lots cheaper for us to get produced so we can pass the savings  onto you guys and it is coming in at 1 (+vat) per sheet with up to 90 images on some of the sheets.

Announcements and News / Februarys stuff!
« on: February 21, 2012, 10:40:02 AM »
Okay, give me  slap, I have been negligent in my duties.

i thought i had put updates on here but have just been informed that i didnt.

sorry :(

These are the two new production moulds that are being cast.  As you can see we have also slotted greens that have been resin cast ( for safety!) in the spare spaces.  These arent the actual layouts, I just use these so the caster knows what goes in what mould and also so i can work out allocations

As you can see there are two new dwarf packs as production runs.  The greens include the new Felicity with a mini gun, male dwarf, Hayden and Liberty.

I hope to pick up the production castings this week for release on monday and provided the masters are good enough i will be taking the next mould over to the casters for production the same week.

This means the March release wil be Felicity, Male Dwarf and Hayden as metal.

Liberty we have other plans for!

Announcements and News / January 2012 Releases
« on: January 26, 2012, 10:18:33 PM »
Going up tomorrow night, along with the Studio Miniatures new Zombie pack and the PK-Pro brass warning tapes.

Bat Kieran


Gina and Rae

Eye Candy / Decals or stickers (or both)
« on: January 23, 2012, 08:57:42 PM »
There are some of the new modern range of decals currently being produced for sale in February 2012.  The question is should we just sell waterslide or invest in self-adhesive stickers-type paper as well?

Hasslefree Babble / Name that Ogre!
« on: January 20, 2012, 10:40:00 PM »
I would love to say that Bill Thornhill made this for us as a present but we are paying through the nose for it....only joking!

He is pretty funky and to make him even more funky we figured a nice green (with a hint of grey) resin will look fab.  So what shall we call him?
Usual rules apply.  Everything is time/dated stamped.  Competition is between Facebook and FOD.  The 4 best choices from each place will go into a poll and the readers will decide.  I do however reserve all rights to change my mind ( i am female after all) and go with the funniest option.  My decision is final, no arguments or quibbles or i shall make a decision that perhaps you are tired and need to go to bed for an early night and wake up with a better attitude in the morning ( sorry, mummy hat slipped on then......).  You have until Grey Matter give us the first batch of castings (hopefully 1 week) to state your choice below.

Announcements and News / 2012 Release schedule (so far!)
« on: January 20, 2012, 10:28:18 PM »
Okay guys, release schedule so far:

January 30th 2012: Metal Andreah, Gina, Rae, Bat-Kieran

February 27th 2012: Alicia, Dwarf packs

March 26th 2012: Sill TBA, dependent on quality of masters coming back in.

In the production queue but being held up are:

Grymn Walker.  Tim (Grey Matter Figures) had a very ill father in October/November last year.  His dad died in early December.  As a result there is a backlog with lots of HF stuff although they are ploughing through it.  They are currently casting the components for the walker.  Kev will be organising the assemlbling into resin production moulds as soon as he has castings

Grymn Pilots, standing and seated.  Kev is waiting for transtional resin castings of these from Grey Matter (see above)

Some dwarves:  As above

Resin Isseki:  As above.  Clear version ( thermoptic camouflage) and standard HF blue resin

Clear Tomoko: As above

Generic Ogre:  Needs to be mastered and then cast in a luverly green/grey resin

40mm Kalee:  As above, with Grey Matter

Eye Candy / Pretty pics 20.01.12
« on: January 20, 2012, 10:20:13 PM »
Some pics to drool over, will start a 'Name that generic Ogre' thread shortly!

Hasslefree Babble / Blast from the past
« on: January 14, 2012, 10:22:45 PM »

the first HF website, this was last used in this format in October 2005.  the next generation then kept us going until November 2011.

i look so young   :(

I even think Kev has hair. ( you have to look closely!)

It was initially going to be 3 age categories but as the entries came in we changed the categories to 3-5 yrs and then 6-9 yrs. 
So pick your favourite, the two youngest are just 3 yrs old (aww bless them!) but be ruthless, dont let them have sympathy votes! ...  :wink:

The poll will run for 8 days, you have 1 vote each and no results will show until the poll ends.

I saw the pics of happy kids concentrating on their entries and the fun they seemed to be having and it was lovely to see,
all the 6 entrants will have something special on their way to them once the judging has finished in a weeks time.

Dont look at the photography, it isnt the kids fault that their dads cant take pictures!

Thanks to all of those who entered, i am ashamed to say that we didnt get the painting table out once over the christmas break,
too busy 'surviving' the holiday season ( and getting addicted to Sonic Colours.......  :oops: )

It was initially going to be 3 age categories but as the entries came in we changed the categories to 3-5 yrs and then 6-9 yrs. 
So pick your favourite, the two youngest are just 3 yrs old (aww bless them!) but be ruthless, dont let them have sympathy votes! ...  :wink:

The poll will run for 8 days, you have 1 vote each and no results will show until the poll ends.

I saw the pics of happy kids concentrating on their entries and the fun they seemed to be having and it was lovely to see,
all the 6 entrants will have something special on their way to them once the judging has finished in a weeks time.

Dont look at the photography, it isnt the kids fault that their dads cant take pictures!

Thanks to all of those who entered, i am ashamed to say that we didnt get the painting table out once over the christmas break,
too busy 'surviving' the holiday season ( and getting addicted to Sonic Colours.......  :oops: )

Announcements and News / BONUS CODES
« on: December 31, 2011, 01:46:42 PM »
The new website allows us to apply promotional codes more easily either by

1: offerring free items with particular purchases with a preset minimum or no minimum order value

2:  It allows us to easily add Free shipping deals

3:  We can discount an order by applying a percentage reduction to the total value

4:  We can discount individual items for specific periods of time.

Also it helps because it keep a stock tally so we know what we have left instead of counting everything and finding ourselves short!

This topic will be added to with particular promotions which will run for fixed periods of time, there will be codes and freebies. Your account will only allow each code to be used once.

 I am locking it so that only we can add to it which will make it easier for you to see if i have added something new!  Current codes are highlighted in yellow!

Announcements and News / NEW Magnetic Basing
« on: December 29, 2011, 03:24:34 PM »

i did some customer research a couple of months ago as to what to add next to the magnetic basing ranges.  Some of the suggestions were unfeasible and logistically unworkable when i researched them.

We already had adhesive-backed pre-cut discs and tiles in the most popular base sizes in magnetic rubber.  I looked at what to add to this to fill a gap and 25mm hex were suggested.  Currently GaleForce 9 sell these as a pack of 25 hex bases (bases with magnets in the bottom) and a small sheet of rubber/steel (about 25cm square) for 7.50 but it was hard to find an alternate supplier in the UK.  The main issue i also had with the GF9 system was that it was best used with 'new basing' and didnt offer a way of adding a magnetic basing option to already based figures.  Litko in the US sell a good range of bases and rubber sheet to cut your own but with the threshold for customs charges lowered and the heavy weight involved it wasnt feasible to stock them in.

Excellent, thought the 'non-mummy' part of my brain.  I contacted my supplier for the discs to see what he could offer.  I had to pay for a hex tool to be cut but then it was all systems ahead.

Part of the research also pulled up a gap for a similar product but the metal component rather than magnetic so i contacted my supplier again who had a product called 'Ironflex'. It is adhesive-backed metal strip for when you have a magnetic based figures but no metal surface to attach them to. It has the ferrous component embedded in the rubber so no more sharp edges to slice your fingers with like the steel sheet.  It attracts any north or south or A and B type magnetic tapes. Its nice and thin, only 0.4mm thick so can easily be cut to size/shape with just scissors.  So i thought we would give that a try and went for the same hexagonal dimensions plus 25mm and 50mm diameter discs plus 25mm and 50m wide tape.

I have just done the images for the new codes and hope to have them online in the next 12 hours or so, i have priced them well below GF9 and as they are a trial they are at a lower price than the restock will be.  I would appreciate any feedback once you buy them to see if this area is worth developing further.

« on: December 17, 2011, 09:04:27 AM »
I forgot to set this up so if your sprogs have already started, dont worry....just get a WIP shot.

Dont put their names on them or any other identifying information, it isnt going to be as serious as a 'big kids/grown up' competition but there is a limit to actually how much you can help them!  It has to be primarily their own work, if someone submits a figure with an excellently painted NMM shield then you had better be able to upload a video showing how they created that effect step by step or we will think you are cheating!

Its about having daddy/mummy/ children time so have some fun

Eye Candy / Kev went out, so i wandered over to his workbench ....
« on: December 16, 2011, 12:13:36 PM »
i was actually quite naughty, i didnt ask permission i just thought "its okay, he wont mind......" (what i mean his he isnt here to object, and rant , and rave...........)

i moved the freelance stuff and made sure i got all concept sketches out of the viewer, most of it is stuff you have already seen but i thought i would pop it up anyways!  Some are more blurry than others cos i only had my phone.

Announcements and News / And finally................
« on: December 15, 2011, 11:24:27 AM »
The pictures were taken January 23rd 2011, the initial batch was cast at the end of Janaury 2011 for immediate release.

September 2010 something really bad involving our kids happened here at HF Central.  I wont go into it in detail, it isnt necessary, but it changed our lives. 
We tried to keep it quiet from you guys as much as we could and just weathered the storm of "where is this figure, where is that figure" with a story of closing for a refurb.
The repercussions and dealing with  it continued through the rest of 2010 and into 2011. The result was a complete breakdown for me and Kev coming very close, it was like being in a total meltdown.   
It changed a lot of our priorities in life and permanently changed me as a person.
Sheer stubborness and the 'survivor instinct' eventually got us through, although we came very close to losing everything we had worked for since 2004 including our home.
We arent completely put of the woods yet. Both of us feel we have lost over a year of our lives and although it is not completely behind us we are now in a position where we can try to move on.

The new website for us signified the business moving on and the release of this figure for me signifies that we survived and although
we have a lot of catching up to do at least we are still here to do it!  There is still a lot of work to do as we juggle stock levels and cash flow but
we are both very bloody-minded and not giving up without a good fight!  Thanks for your support this last 16 months, it has helped immensely.

Suggestions (HF) / Suggestions via email
« on: December 13, 2011, 11:17:52 AM »
"Hi! Please excuse informality on first contact. Your website generally seems to
promote a relaxed atmosphere.

I'm delighted to report safe arrival of my recent order this morning, plus
"Hasslefreebies" (Order No.: 30363). Excellent stuff and service, as expected.

Gazing at the Alyx as witch figurine and her website photos set me wondering about
the potential for a few more "St Trinian's School of Witchcraft" figures. I'm
thinking original St Trinian's movie and the ideas from Ronald Searle's
illustrations, rather than the more recent remake. Some suggestions:

* An Alastair Simm "Miss Fritton" headmistress, with that wonderful birdlike stoop,
shawl draped over her/his shoulders, beetling away just after the paint pot hit
Joyce Grenfell's "disguised policewoman" character.

* Little Bessie in the Chem Lab, manic expression, hair awry, pounding away like mad
with a pestle and mortar ("Poor little Bessie. I warned her to be careful of that

* A "Flash Harry" spiv-like character, sidling across the lawn, hat down over his
eyes so he can't be seen. Tempting to subvert one version to a different meaning of
"flash", if also in a long overcoat (for some reason, I want to see that one in
spectacles, with a lightning-flash scar on his forehead...).

* A "Morticia Addams" French mistress ("Rose" in the film), tall slender,
body-hugging, floor-length dress, cigarette in a holder, and disdainful expression
at all and sundry.

* Special treat for the parents, the Brownies Campfire, where the young gels capture
and roast real Brownies (i.e. little folklore goblinesque fairies).

* And somewhere at the far end of the grounds is the summer house where the Lotus
Eaters meet, the men from the Min of Ed (Magical Schools Division) still drawing
their pay, having absconded from the service, with a select few sixth-form girls. I
can't help seeing this with the Heresy Succubic trio in attendance...

Actually, I suspect there could be the possibility for a cross-company Forum of Doom
range here. Scenery and bases from Fenris, figures courtesy yourselves, Black
Scorpion's "Desolation Row" and Heresy's demons and summoned beasties, maybe.
Heresy's Dark Lord (EVIL001) already has the "Morticia" dress/robe, for instance."

Announcements and News / Luke ill
« on: December 03, 2011, 12:42:14 PM »

Luke has been ill since tuesday with a viral infection so has been up nights.  Thursday night we ended up in the out of hours doctors at 10pm as his breathing was getting worse and he was panicking drawing breath.  He has croup and is knackered ( as are Kev and I with no sleep for 3 night and still isnt well now.

Mark has been off since  tuesday before last but i have been in packing/shipping orders but this means that i have been doing admin at night so if you are expecting a response to an email then please be patient, i am not ignoring you

Eye Candy / A statue, of Liberty
« on: November 30, 2011, 08:56:16 PM »
To signify our talk of moving to USA in a few years, Kev decided to make a statue, of Liberty,
Its the first time he has sculpted me with short hair, all of the original Libbys had my long curls
but they went a few years ago!

Announcements and News / December Bonus Deal
« on: November 27, 2011, 01:38:14 PM »
Here we go , boys and girls!

As we missed out on the summer bonus time we have upped our game for this years December Bonus Time. 

We also need to say "many thanks" for your support this year, the last 15 months has been undeniably the most difficult in our entire history.  A lot of big decisions and major changes have taken place at home and work, lets hope this has been enough to get us through 2012!

1:  All orders.
The checkout facility is being coded to allow you the following choice at checkout:
a] Apply the discount code PRESSIE2011 that will give you a choice from a group of pre-selected free figures when you spend over 15
b] you can choose to use the discount code DEC2011 at checkout to get 20% discount across the board on everything in the shop.

Yes that is correct, we are giving a 20% discount across the board for the December Bonus time.   Any future discounted promotions will exclude things we physically have to buy in as obviously we would be giving away the profit we need to keep going!!

Dont be cheeky and try to use both codes as the shop wont let you!  Also dont try and use the codes after 31st December as it wont let you!

Codes are limited to one per person and are single use only. 

2:  Free Goodie bag on orders over 40
You will get this when your complete order value is over 40 (that means once the VAT and Shipping is applied and you have completed payment).
This year the goodie bags are pretty awesome (if i say so myself) as the office and workshop has had a complete clearout and unearthed loads of bits and bobs.  A real random mix of weapons/magnets/converting bits/accessories/figures/cogs/terrain/chain/lead sheet/wood veneers.  Some things you will see in the shop and some things you wont.

You are however at the mercy of the kids as they are packing them for me!  If you have a preference to 'Fantasy' or 'Sci-Fi' we will try to accomodate this if you add this choice into the 'comments' box at checkout.

3: Free upgrade to tracked shipping on orders over 75
If you order is over 75 once you checkout we will automatically upgrade your basic shipping option to a tracked service.  For the UK this will be either Recorded or Special Delivery depending on the order total and for overseas it will 'International Signed For'. 
This means that your precious purchases will be protected for FREE

4:  Limited stocks of previous Christmas Release figures including masters of Mrs H, Santa Libby, Santas Little helper and production castings of Party Kev .


Don't forget we have some new releases going up this week.  I was planning on getting some bulk-buy clearance packs of resin terrain and resin bases up but i have used most of it in the goodie bags!

December Bonus Time will run from tomorrow morning until New Years Day.  We close for Christmas on 22nd December 2011 and wont re-open until Tuesday 3rd January 2012.  Any orders that come in after Tuesday 20th December may not be shipped until we re-open although we will make every attempt to ship right up until closing time.  If your order is a last minute gift for someone then make sure you let us know and we will prioritise accordingly.

This year with the new website doing the payments automatically for us it means that any orders that come in over the Christmas Closure period wont have to wait for manual invoicing ... woohoooo!

Any questions then post them below!

Thank you!

Kev, Sally, Jen, Kieran, Meg and Luke

Announcements and News / Game Packs and Platoon Packs
« on: November 25, 2011, 10:47:28 PM »
Boxed sets of the HF Game Packs for the 'Breaching of the Hive'
are now available instore.  They include 2 Adventurer packs and 2 monster packs.
 All 4 sets are supplied boxed and each contains a set of Akulas rules

Also gone up tonight are three Grymn Platoon Packs...1 for Close Combat, 1 for Heavy Infantry and 1 for Light Infantry. 
If they work well then more will be considered!  These sets are also boxed.

I have been sneakily uploading new stuff all week, this is just some of it, i still have a big box to go through!

The Pk-Pro is in the Architectural Etched Brass Section ( )
and both Fenris Games and Armorcast are in the Resin Terrain section(

Everything shown is limited stock at the moment so if there is something you fancy you will need to grab it quick! 
PK Pro and Fenris Games are ongoing suppliers however the Armorcast stuff although completely gorgeous and fantastically detailed is too expensive for us to import. 
Also tucked away in the Sci-fi armoury ( are the Armorcast muzzle flashes.

There are quite a lot of good quotes on Facebook right now so here is where we post our favourites.  Remember basic rules as not posting anything likely to cause offence so nothing overtly political and certainly nothing racist.

My favourites right now are:

"There are two ways to be fooled.  One is to believe what isnt true and the other is to refuse to accept what is true"


"Dont like me?  Have a seat with the rest of the bitches waiting for me to give a f***"


"Christmas??? F*** off its still November"

Eye Candy / HFD022 Hayden
« on: November 22, 2011, 09:26:31 PM »
All finished, i know the next question is "when can we buy her?"

Realistically the new year unless i can get her into one of the moulds going to Nottingham on friday!

Eye Candy / Which one finished first?
« on: November 18, 2011, 12:28:31 PM »
In theory Kev should just drop everything and finish this figure when the 28 day poll expires.  However this will be dependent on the following:

1:  How many Grymn he needs to finish
2:  If he has finished his freelance work.

So basically the winner will be next in line for finishing but it could be anytime from December to January when it is done.

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