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Random Chat / Re: Heresy Dragon Big Thread Of Doom
« on: October 31, 2016, 10:21:33 PM »
My dragon is mostly built. And a few time I have placed it on the table I have noticed that since it's so to heavy, that it tips really easy. What have others done to help correct this from happening? I was kind of thinking of drilling out the rock and inserting something to give it weight.

Random Chat / Re: Heresy Dragon Big Thread Of Doom
« on: December 29, 2014, 06:53:54 PM »
My dragon just arrived in the mail!! I just opened the box, and holy shat its a big boy. Only one problem with the shipping that I could see so far, tip of one of the wings broke off. BUT it looks like it will be easy to glue back on since it was a clean break. Now I just need to start cleaning it all and putting it together.

P.s. The gf liked the candy

The Colouring-in Room / Re: WIP Heresy Dragon
« on: May 25, 2014, 10:24:59 PM »
It's looking great so far, I can't wait till I get mine and butcher the paint job 8:::

Random Chat / Re: Heresy Dragon Big Thread Of Doom
« on: July 12, 2013, 07:48:39 AM »
I like that Netherlady picture, I hope the dragon goes smooth for you, so you can make the Netherladies and the other Netherlords:)

Random Chat / Re: Heresy Dragon Big Thread Of Doom
« on: February 14, 2013, 05:21:40 PM »
How insane would the dragon cost if it was all metal with the current pricing?

Wow it still looks great seeing the dragon finished. You did a great job on it.

On the bench / Re: New to sculpting minis, first two greens...
« on: December 14, 2011, 05:25:18 AM »
They both look cool. The one thing I noticed is on the orc's axe I would say the haft should have been a bit longer, to me he just seems to be choking up on the head of the axe to much.

Where am I at Andy? I seem to think it should be close too 103...

James bauer

Andy do you have any idea on shipping cost going to Canada or USA?


Fair enough. I guess it would take a better log-in/cart system to be able to allow the web-site to manage it? A bit like Antenocities.

Instead I shall just have to throw cash at you when you show us some shiney. I still wont be able to touch you in the same way but I guess it will have to do!  :D I have a feeling the dragon, though it has caused much pain and hardship, will attract a lot of industry attention and be a draw for customers at the very least.

Or if you wanted to get touched in the special way like the rest of us you could just give him money  :whistle:

Erm.... Gi6ers....

Thats a rather serious statement. Show me on the dragon where they touched you.


You guys are asking the wrong question, you should be asking if the touching ended in a happy ending and a smile on his face  :wink:

I hope my extra 100 helps you out then Andy. If I knew of a way I would also and some to Ian to help him pay for the rubber.

Lol to stop myself from having to need them I just don't paint. Not sure if having selves full of primed models would look good on display...

personally I don't mind if it still takes a while for it to get finished, since I had to spend the last two month in school and christmas. I don't have much money and any more time I have be for having to pay for shipping the better.

thats great to hear some news about the dragon.

once production really gets going making the dragons I am sure the list is going to go through fairly fast, so I don't know how much it would matter where someone is on the list.

Just ordered mine :boing:

Now I need to work out how to make it into a fighting dragon diorama with the Rackham resin dragon for Salute.

Do you think it would have a chance!!!! :lmao:

I don't know what Rackham's Dragon looks like, but I am guessing it would not stand a chance.

But from just looking at the forge world dragons, I think this one is still a lot better then what they have. But I would like to see this one next too their chaos dragon, since it says that it is about the same size as Andy's.

Here you have:

thats great, the enoticon and the dragon.  I can't wait for the when the dragon is moulded.


thats why I was sort of waiting for doing the last payment, is because I am going to do that and the shipping at the same time.

just out of curiosity, after you finish the dragon how long would it take to make the mould and make the pre orders and get ready to send them out?  Would just like to know so I can plan ahead for when I would need to make the last payment for it.

no its not, but i just saw a pic about the spines on the back.

There will be new pics by the end of this month.
:shock: End of the month ? I dont think I can last that long................ :faint:

But just think. The new pics could be of the dragon finished...

So as long as everyone pays the remainder fairly promptly, everything should be OK, crossed fingers.

I am sure updated pics would be a good way to convince people to pay promptly :lmao:

Also seeing the dragon eating the good sir knight who is trying to slay him would be funny too.

I am glad that I did the pre-order.  When I did it I put the first two instalments of the payment through and it just happen to be a few weeks after the time that Andy said that he only had 7.76 to his name.  so if me sending him 60 helps him get by why should I complain.  Especially since it just means he can stay open and keep making kick ass models.

But it would still be nice to see some new pictures of the dragon :whistle:

That is going to be one great looking dragon when it it finished. I guess I am going to have to put that down now on my shopping cart with everything else I want to get.   :whistle:

I guess I should ask this, would it be a problem prepaying for this model with my order that I am doing right now or would it be better to do it separately due to shipping?

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