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Random Chat / Re: Heresy Dragon Big Thread Of Doom
« on: July 24, 2013, 11:03:34 AM »
I just thought I'd pipe up and post for the first time in frickin' years
Andy is probably feeling worse about the whole dragongate affair than you guys still waiting, patiently or not, for you dragon.

I was one of the lucky ones, I received my dragon (#21 I think) over 2 years ago.
It stuns me to think others are still waiting, and amazes me that most are waiting with good humour and patience.

All I can say is: The Dragon is worth the wait.

No other dragon I have ever worked with, including the magnificent Rackham Titan Dragon, Grenadier's ancient Tyranus the Ultimate Dragon, the Ral Partha Immerial Dragon, come close to this amazing sculpture.

Hang in truly is awesome.

Good Luck Andy...

General Ranting / Re: No more miniatures for me for a while :(
« on: June 26, 2012, 02:37:43 PM »
Ring your phone company, explain what happened, ask for forgiveness, and some leeway towards the  bill
I have done this with Telstra here in Australia, and managed to only pay 10% of the excess on two separate occasions

General Ranting / Re: Heresy Dragon: How will you paint yours ?
« on: June 26, 2012, 02:35:44 PM »
Like this maybe...? :D

Forgive bad photography the mouth is not as bright as it appears here.

Oh my...he's finally 99% complete!
By that, I mean, I have finished him, but being as he is so large and complex, I'm sure I'll find errors here and there over the next few months.
The hardest part about painting him, and a lesson to all yet to start theirs, is to really, really, really clean him up.
I washed in soapy water, then scrubbed with a nail brush using cream cleanser, then wiped clean and repeated, but still, I would find large sections of gloriously-blended paint peeling off! I had to redo some of the wing sections about 4 times, you can probably spot where, as the final blend is not as good as other sections.
Don't ask me how many greens went into that, I stopped counting after 12, plus about 4 different types of washes.
The idea of the claws being separate was great, I thought. "I will be able to paint these up all nice, then attach them after, so I don't have to worry about painting fiddly little claws all over the place"
Unfortunately, getting some of those claws in place was very difficult, especially the one behind the tree stump!, most took a few attempts to get in right, and after all that effort, I had worn the paint off and had to repaint anyway..gah!!
Forgive my photography, poor technique and lighting tend to wash out some colours, and super-enhance others (the mouth is not that RED!)


(Messing about with the Dragon after a year off makes me want to start again for the most part, using polymer clays instead of greenstuff, procreate, etc. I would do it differently now, that's for sure.) think having children would help?

This is my colour inspiration...

not the wings, though, just the green across the scales


In other news, I've used the spare tail Andy provided to test out a colour scheme:


I've used the flash so you can see the colour better.
Firstly, I think that such a large miniature would look a tad...drab, if it was ALL that colour..just my 2 cents.

secondly: SPARE tail??
There was two??
I only have a metal one...

Well, assembly so far has been very easy, lots of filing and cleaning, but once the prep is done, it all comes together nicely.


Except for that DAMNED FINGER

Here’s' an idea, make the finger available as a SEPERATE PIECE@!!!
Resin and moulding being what they are, the chances of the whole base, lef t leg, right leg, arm, and tree ALL coming together in  perfect alignment are nigh on zero.
The IMPORTANT fits are the legs and arm, they are very visible, and MUST be good, the tree and rock are not, chuck it anywhere, use green stuff to make new roots.
But having that finger on the tree makes aligning everyrhing a nightmare..

So, chop it off, let the arm rest ANYWHERE on that stump, who cares?
I’d hack it off, but then I’d have 2 faces to rebuild in green stuff…and that sound like effort.

I’d rather fling a few bob, and get a new finger…

I got mine!!!!

 :boing: :woohoo: :boing: :woohoo: :boing: :woohoo: :lalala:

It's better than I imagined!

The quality of the casting is very good, the fit is excellent, certainly any person experienced with resin models will have no issues assembling the beasty.

The extra choices of tongue and horns are a nice touch.

I will have a great time building and painting this magnificant miniature.

Thanks Andy, hopefully you can rope in some more casters, and push more out the door.


I've had no luck with red, it just doesn't seem  :(
I'll probably start out with a very dark green, like Olive or something, then start dry brushing lighter shages, right up to am almost fluro green on the tips, then wash them all back with some brown washes.
The base will be creamy, washed back with yellow.
That's my plan, anyway, but if it turns out yellow and purple, well, there ya go!

I'm number 26, so with any luck, I'll be in the next shipment.

and, ummm , Andy :erm:

Your new avatar freaks me out...!

...looks at watch...

one fortnight later....

Looks in mailbox...

Hmm..... :shrug: not yet...

Yes, I was hoping to have mine by Christmas (OK, Christmas 2010, but wah eva!)



Quiet 'round here....

They say no news is good news... :hmmm

Yes, it should cover numbers 18 - 30, assuming all goes well
Oh my God, oh my God, Oh My God!


Wow, way to silence the whole thread!
I am sure there are lots of other things to talk about, then some ancient company collapse.

Like...WHERE'S MY DRAGON! :tantrum: :tantrum:

LOL, kidding...! :lol:

but seriously, where is it?

(Dodgeball reference, "White Goodman: There's no reason we need to be shackled by the strictures of the employee-employer relationship. Unless you're into that sort of thing. In which case, I got some shackles in the back. I'm just kidding. But seriously, I've got 'em. ")

I know I am not being asked to pay more..that is beside the point.  Nor do I care that people have paid more just to help him out.  Nor am I concerned about when the product will be cast and shipped.
So what IS your issue?
As far as arriving every bit as perfect as I expect, it is a long way across the sea and if there are hidden defects in the resin due to bubbles or thin area resin, it may arrive in less  than perfect condition regardless how perfect it looks when Andy packs it up.  I don't think I would be willing to wait another 20 months for a replacement.
Yes, working as intended, IF you get a faulty part, it will be replaced...what's your point?
What I find appalling is that when such a large amount was collected and, relatively speaking, less than a fourth was spent on the 19 dragons.  He should have enough left to cast at least 80+ more dragons at that high rate for the 19 dragons he quoted and he says in his own words he doesn't have the money.   17 out of 221..not good at all.
Ever run a business...I thought not, look, no manufacturing business in the world collects money from one product, and only spends that money on the production of that product, it simply doesn't work that way.
Now reduce the size of the company to one man's garage, and these factors are magnified 200x. Andy, like all small businesses, cannot just leave large sums of cash set aside for a product's development that may be 6, 12, or 24 months down the track, the money is needed to produce a product designed 6, 12, or 24 months in the past, in a cycle of current payments used for prior products.
Andy struck trouble when the dragon took so long, the pool of money ran out, it's that simple, and whilst it's possible Andy could have handled things better, no-one here is anything but supportive and patient with regards to the delivery of our dragon.
In short, pull your head in!


What number are we up to now?

I am #26, so getting VERY close now... :boing: :boing:

Ian's on holiday for the next week or two I think, so no more dragons for a short while!
Aaaaugh! Nooo!
Did you get #26 out the door before???

you should sell the design to Peter Jackson for use as Smaug!
That would net you a nice few thousand pounds, I'm sure.*

It would almost certainly be better then whatever they are coming up with! (Shudders to think!)

*not a real email address

@yxaltis Yes, I emailed you back as well. Did you not get it? Address is updated/same already. 485 La Trobe etc emails, to what address did you send it to?

Hi Andy,
I've emailed you, and sent a PM regarding my change of address, can you confirm you have received and acknowledged that?
I am #26, so I don't want the poor dragon being sent to my old work address!

I'm more concerned about the preview pictures I've just seen of the new Forgeworld dragon. It looks like they copied morew than Andy's Dragon's pose. It seems like a bit of a poor immitation 'though.

Funny enough my first thought when I saw it was  " That looks like a crap Andy's dragon rip off. "
Funny enough my first thought when I saw it was  "That looks like crap"

They might try to claim Andy's is a copy of their's (I know it doesn't make sense, but who says anything they do makes sense?) :wink:
Am I the only reader here who sees no similarity whatsoever between the two dragons, other then the fact that they are both dragons?  8:::

compare and contrast too:

Sorry...why are these two similar, more so then just both being dragons??

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