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Hey guys. There were some Spyglass minis I remember being very interested in a while back. They were these weird hunched fellas with spears that had pretty hefty blades on the ends. I forget what they were called... demonic something-or-other. Don't suppose there's any still knocking about anywhere? I remember Heresy used to stock them way back, but I can't find the blighters anymore. Shame, too, as they were really nice sculpts.

Hasslefree Babble / Latest Hasslefree Minis
« on: November 17, 2012, 07:26:08 PM »
So my order of minis turned up today while I was at work. I do love coming back from a rubbish shift to find goodies waiting for me! It was... Every sci-fi human I could find currently available in the HF store. Over the next week they'll be getting assembled and at the very least undercoated. Eventually they'll be battling across the many strangely similar-looking (only have one board!) worlds of the vast cosmos against my Heresy troopers and Black Scorpion aliens.

Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome minis, the very effective packing materials (I hate getting damaged toys), and the sweeties. Not sure if they're supposed to be sour, but I eat lemons so my tastebuds are a bit jaded these days!


Ideas for New Heresy Models / Expanding the sci-fi troopers?
« on: July 31, 2011, 11:56:43 PM »
Personally, I flippin' love the troopers, I have eight waiting to be assembled and painted, and have to keep stopping myself from buying more til they're done. I love the faceplates, the armour, the rifles, everything. They're awesomesauce on toast.

What'd really be great (IMO) is if you expanded them with some specialists. Obvious choices would be heavy weapons, snipers, medics, etc. Also wouldn't be bad to see some kind of psi-troopers? And how about a new version of the Major with armour to match the troopers? I know I already plan on using my Major as an officer in games, and I reckon you could make a little army range out of the troopers with just a few specialist units.

Of course, I come prepared with numerous ideas as to how these might be represented more interestingly than mere arm-swaps.

So for example, special weapons could be plasma guns, missile launchers, flamethrowers, heavy machine-guns, or sniper rifles, among others. Along with special weapons, perhaps each member has armour modules designed to enhance their effectiveness with their chosen armament?

For example, scopes attached to the faceplate of snipers, additional ammo storage on the back for heavy machine-gunners (maybe even belt-fed ;) ) Perhaps a plasma gunner would have coolant tanks on their backs, and maybe increased armour to protect them in the case of an overheat etc?

A psychic trooper presents plenty of great modelling possibilities. Not only do you have the option to have all kinds of weird poses (telekinetic levitation, f.x.), but what kind of additional paraphernalia would a psi-trooper carry to complement their abilities? Would they maybe have a modified helmet with cables coming from the back, respresenting cranial modifications? Maybe they carry different armament too, possibly even some kind of device that they can channel their powers through (melee or ranged)?

Here's a few images for inspiration: - Sniper armour mods? - The guy in the red may give some reinforced armour ideas? - I was always quite partial to this plasma gun design. Maybe it'll give you some new non-GW ideas to spark your own creativity?

Any other suggestions for the troopers from anyone else? This is just what occurred to me in the space of about twenty minutes.

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