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Questions and Answers / Assembling VERY large minis?
« on: October 07, 2012, 06:53:50 PM »
I was lucky enough to snag the ridiculously large Dark Sword Elmore Golden Dragon of Chaos yesterday (even if some muppet has ruined the box by signing and numbering it, tsk), and I've never put a huge metal kit together before. Any tips on how to tackle it?
Mike suggested glues for me, but the joints are still very large - I was thinking of drilling and pinning with multiple brass rods for the torso and waist segments? Has anyone done this, or is there an obvious way I'm missing?


I have a diagram of how it goes together that I'll get on here in a  minute.

General Ranting / Fighting Priest Figure? ("I kick a** for the Lord!")
« on: December 21, 2011, 01:13:52 AM »
 :shrug: I'm looking to make a character figure for my 1920s Call of Cthulhu Priest/Vicar. Unfortunately I was a bit of a numpty and didn't take any weapon skills, so he fights barehanded. Technically. I mean, brass knuckles are jewellery in my book.*

So.. if anyone has suggestions where I could find the following...

A pulpit or lectern (I'm thinking ornamental with scrolling, etc. but I'll settle for making my own if I can't get one)

Either a priest/vicar figure that isn't using a weapon...
Or someone who is bare-hand fighting and could easily be converted to Christianity... Someone in a suit or tailored coat? Crouching, punching, kicking..?

I have the RAFM CoC Priest/Exorcist set, and whilst I love the Exorcist parody figure and the demented "final stage", I want to make something a little dynamic.
I've also seen the Reaper 50081: Father Thomas, Vicar (answers on a postcard as to why this wouldn't work) and 59001: Reverend Grimme who is just slightly too similar to what I already have. I'll probably buy him if I can't find anything else.

I'm looking around for figures myself, but if you have a favourite that springs to mind, please let me know.

*You don't want to read my book.

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