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Fenris painted stuff / APEX Team - for my BSG Project
« on: May 26, 2012, 07:03:34 PM »
More crew for my Battlestar Galactica Project - not the best photos but hopefully you get the idea.

Thought you might be interested in one of my terrain projects - a WW1 Fantasy Trench Warfare table.  The game will be ready for Salute 2012, and will be one of a number of Frother games.

The basic layout currently is for a total of eight 2' x 2' boards, giving us a 8'x4' gaming surface - although i might add a couple more if i have time (and space) for them.

The bulk of the basic work has been done, and got some basecoating done this weekend - still a lot of detailing, barbed wire trees etc to add, plus the water effects.

Rules will be another homegrown set i'm writing.

The Kindred will be defending their homes, with hobbithole bunkers (the detachable roof sections will have round doors etc and curved trenches.  On the other side will be Goblins, sculpted by Richard Ansell for Frank Hammond, dressed in WW1 German Uniforms.

I've also commissioned a range of WW1 Dwarves (in Russian Uniforms) by Bob Olley, which will be helping the Kindred to defend their homeland!

Couple of pictures of the terrain so far (Goblin lines in the foreground)

Pictures show the table from Left to right

Hopefully the game will attract some more interest in the Kindred.


More photos on my blog.

Suggestions (HF) / Suggested Additions to the Adventurer Range
« on: November 22, 2011, 05:13:57 PM »
A few ideas that might fit in with the Adventurer range - less guns than the existing types, but usable for roleplaying/zombie/skirmish games:

1) Traveller/scavenger - Rucksack on shoulder, right hand in jogging top pocket (could be concealing a weapon), left hand either at side, or holding a crowbar.

2) Handyman - toolbag in left hand, or slung over shoulder, with tools protruding - maybe a tradesman, or a housebreaker, hammer/large wrench in right hand.

3) Paramedic type - overalls, firstaid kit in hand

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