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Have had to confirm my address so fingers crossed it won't be long. :)

Was not expecting it to be an old Rankin Bass cartoon. It sure starts off a bit oddly. Is the rest of the movie any good?

I'm not sure it would stand up to viewing today by an adult that didn't see it and enjoy it as a kid. But, as somebody that did I'll watch it every time it's on tv.

I've got 2 dragons on order so am tempted to paint one up in Gorbash colours and the other in Bryagh but will wait until I have them in my hands to decide.

Anyone ever see the film Flight of Dragons? I was thinking of trying some of the looks from that.

Thanks for the update. A little bit of information goes a long way.

Pretty please with a cherry on top

Somehow I managed to forget about paying the postage until seeing dragons up to No. 30 should be on their way. Still looking forward to it.

Is somebody going to do an unboxing like Beasts of War? Would be nice to see BoW do one if just for the publicity for Heresy. If not a unboxing even pics in Turn8 would be good for business I'd guess.

Waiting on my bill for postage for two of the big guys. good to know the number is going down, even if it will be slowly.

Not good news at all. But, saying that it's better to know than just getting a message saying there's no more Heresy.

Time to put a shopping list together me thinks.

/happy dance

Gutted I missed on seeing it at Salute. Spent a few hours looking at trains and buses the other day before finding out I needed to be at the games club I help run. Looking forward to having my dragons in my hands at some point. Still a waiting game for that though.

Gratz on getting the first ones out the door.

Regarding the post on Facebook. What bits on the kit are going to be metal? Couple of people asking over on Warseer?

The closer it gets the more the size of the thing is dawning on me.

 :blub: :swear: :blub: :swear: :blub: :swear: :blub: :swear: :blub: :swear: :blub:

Would sum up how I'd feel right now. How severe is the damage?

I've been trying to keep the DakkaDakka and Warseer threads up to date with the hope it might draw a few buyers in. Don't know if it's worked or not though.

Just chipped in some extra. At 30 to 40 casts per mould I should be getting one of each type. Should be interesting to compare them.

Dare I ask how the gas man was? There was something else but I cant remember :scratchhead:

Been thinking about storage/transport myself. I guess your talking about this one. Fairly sure I've seen a Reaver titan in one of those Ikea cases so height shouldn't be an issue. Wing span might be more of a problem though but putting it in at an angle might work as it has a width of 41cm listed. Myself I've got a couple of deep bookcases with glass panelled doors that'll be using for display. For transport I'm looking at Battlefoam with custom foam. Was part of the reason I got one for my Dark Eldar stuff (honestly).

I know it's only been a week but how's the test casting going? Any news?

Test cast by the end of the month. Good news is good.  :boing: :boing: :boing: :boing: :boing: :boing:

I'm thinking one red and one green at the moment. Nice and traditional. Black could be an option but to be honest I'm not really sure yet apart from the one being green.

I was just thinking how much can I wangle out of this months pay check to put towards a order of some other bits I've been looking at. Anyway, thanks for the news on the dragon and expect an order towards the end of the month.

I look forward to seeing it. Will the pool have a scantily clad lady swimming in it for the dragon to protect?

Can't remember what forum it was on but somebody compared the people waiting for the dragon to expectant fathers. Not had that honour myself but I guess that's what I'm feeling like and it's only been a couple days.

Scenic base? Scenic base? It's got a blooming huge rock.  :smile:

With regard to the price Gangrel I know Andy will be getting more cash from in the not to distant future because of his attitude towards this dragon and the recent price increases. If more companies were this open I'm sure customer loyalty would increase everywhere.

Just ordered a second one. Been thinking about it since I saw the final pics. I'll be like a kid waiting for Christmas now. :boing: :boing: :boing: :boing: :boing: :boing: :boing:

Now that is a nice birthday present. Nice to see it posted up.  :applause:

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