Author Topic: The Dragon Is Dead At Last - 25% off for next two weeks!  (Read 1685 times)

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The Dragon Is Dead At Last - 25% off for next two weeks!
« on: August 24, 2015, 04:22:52 PM »
 :boing: :woohoo: :danceofjoy: :kick: :nl2: :ooohyeah:

Well, if you hadn't seen it on the site, or the newsletter or on my Facebook or Twitter feeds, I did at long last cast the last pieces needed to finish all the dragons required to clear the queue that has been in place, and which I have checked pretty much every day since 2010. Certainly there has not been a day gone past since Christmas 2008 when I started sculpting it, that it hasn't dominated my thoughts. I can't convey to you the awfulness of the situation, but at long last, it's all sorted. Finished. Done. Word kept.

To celebrate, I am of course immediately taking two weeks off to really get some work done on the Kickstarter figures; as much as I'd love to spend the two weeks on holiday with my wife, it's not financially possible, so two weeks of sculpting it is. This does of course mean that no orders can be processed so to compensate, you can claim 25% off any metal miniatures (including deals) by using the Redemption Code THEDRAGONISDEAD in the special Redemption Code box on the cart, when ordering.
Orders will resume shipping 9th September.  :whip:

I've already said it on the dragon thread, but I'd like to thank everyone for being so patient over the years of this saga (half of Heresy's existence! :blub:) and I'm glad I was given the chance to prove to you all that I truly did mean to keep my word and get you all a Dragon.

So, whilst I get over the shock of realising just how ludicrous the task ahead of me turned out to be (over 300 dragons sent out, over 250 of them cast by me personally in the end) and try to compose an appropriate essay detailing it without it turning into an autobiographical account of despair and stubbornness in the face of insurmountability, and after that turn my hand to getting as many Kickstarter figures ready to mould as possible over the next two weeks, please enjoy a hefty discount on me to celebrate!