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More weird war races
« on: May 08, 2015, 02:21:24 AM »
I am looking for miniatures for the WW1 fantasy setting Kaisers Gate. This requires orcs with German weapons and equipment, probably the uniforms too, along with goblins, humans and some dark elves, some of them riding wyverns; elves, possibly with bows as elves have the All Thumbs hindrance due to an aversion to technology, wearing uniforms of the Entente powers; some dwarves as well, possibly in Russian uniforms, the Russians in this setting also having walking vehicles; sorcerors, clerics and wizards of every stripe in WW1 military uniforms of every power, except, for various reasons, the US; centaurs; Allied gryphon riders; exotic vehicles and weapons such as those developed by Tesla during the Second Mexican-American War, which include electrical weapons and hovering sleds; and maybe the odd mob of zombies.
I am aware of Black Hats' goblins, and a lot of conversion parts, but cannot find any orc or elf heads with WW1 headwear on them, except some orc heads which are clearly compatible with GW-style orcs/orks, whereas I was looking for more D&D-styled orcs.
The available races are: human, elf, dark elf, orc, selkie, lizardmen, sea elf, centaur, dwarf, and goblin.

The Kolektiv may suit, as the dwarves live in an area of the Faerie world closest to portals that open onto Earth in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Western Asia. However I need to know if they are pre-Revolutionary era in terms of uniform design, as the Revolution doesn't happen in this setting.

Don't ask why, given the use of other common fantasy races, but the Kindred are no use due to the fact that there are no known halfings in the setting.
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