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Normal weapons
« on: October 11, 2014, 03:03:42 AM »
I would like to see more normal weapons apart from "sci-fi", "military" or dodgy criminal tools. Just because the zombies come, are many people who can't use guns in the most effective manner but insist on having them somehow going to bend reality to end up with a load of SWAT, SWOS and military weapons just so you can scavenge them? Fine if you only ever set your games in Louisiana, but in the UK, or Australia, we find it far more likely you won't find so many PS90, G36 etc. (Particularly because the Australian Defence Force mostly uses the AUG...) Here, you need a licence to collect permanently-deactivated examples or full-scale models of that category.
Western weapons would be ok, of course the double-barrelled shot-gun, and regular hunting weapons.
Category A: Air rifles, break-action shot-guns,  power heads, blank-firing weapons over 75cm long, manual-action rimfires, black-powder model cannon less than 120cm long.
Category B: break-action shotgun-rifle combinations, repeating centrefire rifles, single-shot centrefire rifles, double centrefire rifles, muzzle-loading long-arms.
Category C: semi-auto rimfire rifles with 10 round or less capacity, semi-auto or pump shotguns with 5 round or less payload
Category H: Blank-firing weapons less than 75cm long, air pistols, rimfire pistols, black-powder pistols or centrefire pistols up to .38, and centrefire pistols up to .45.
Category D: the vast majority of any miniatures range. Self-loading centrefire rifles, self-loading or pump shot-guns with more than 5 rounds capacity, obviously military rifles - and things that look like military rifles.
Category R: Much of the remainder. MGs, SMGs, .50 cals, grenades, rockets, artillery etc.

Why not some of these:
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