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Armoured knight: Sir Richard in Maille
« on: June 17, 2014, 07:52:30 AM »
Now I originally suggested this in the Heresy suggestions forum. Andy liked the idea but says he simply hasn't got time.

I'm not a football fan. Don't fancy it really. It's just not my thing. However I recently came across a video for a football song from 2010 that has resurfaced recently. An aging knight armoured in maille who happens to be unexpectedly left handed and likes to give rousing speeches. Ideally he would not be sculpted in a combat pose but would rather be speaking passionately and probably gesturing drammatically, sword still in it's sheath. I like the fact that he's in maille rather than plate (and also it's a suitable pun on the actor's surname). He could almost be an inspiring ancestor of Gwen and Olwyn. I can almost hear him now. "Once more onto the base dear paint to fill up this void of empty space...."

Why did I suggest it to Heresy first? Well while I'm sure Kev would do a cracking sculpt if he wanted to I could also see this armoured gentleman fitting in quite well with the Heresy style (and the little dancing Michael Jackson zombie they already sell).

Now this might not be the best video out there, it might not be a good song, but it seems a fitting tribute to one who has amused us for many years and is almost prophetic as he comes stepping out of the past in a haze of light only to eventually fade away when his work is done. If he should happen to be accompanied by a crooning Enya lookalike who magically materialises out of his shield to encourage him on to further feats of valour then I would not complain either :).

Rick Mayall's noble england video.

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Re: Armoured knight: Sir Richard in Maille
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2014, 05:13:12 PM »
Although I like the idea behind this, there are several companies to produce historical mini ranges. Since this is a depiction of Henry V. you should not have much trouble finding a suitable mini in 28mm.