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Man Of Steel
« on: June 15, 2013, 09:05:42 AM »

In brief, good stuff, worth seeing.

I'll try to keep spoilers out of this and talk in vague terms.

A LOT of things being smashed, some really cool bits, too much CGI, could have done with a bit more smiling from Supes. He smiles like twice, and the last time you really notice it. Kal El is very angsty in this film and you wonder why Lois falls for him so much (Saving her life notwithstanding) because there's no tangible spark between them until the end of the picture when he smiles at her and you think "Oh, there it is!"

It's a great re-start for the character, though , far more enjoyable for me than, say, Dark Knight Rises, but the film does mainly consist of Superman fighting the bad guys and things being demolished in a way that Michael Bay was probably furiously ejaculating over (probably in slow motion whilst doing a somersault). Metropolis and Smallville are surely left uninhabitable, so many things explode/fall over/have a military jet thrown through them

There are a few great moments in there that I won't list, mainly visual stuff showing how tough/strong/invulnerable Kal El is etc, but you are left with quite a lot of gaps, it sometimes feels like too much was edited out of the film to keep it moving. Zack Snyder is too fond of CGI, it would have been nice to have more real world props and things in there. The 3d is good, we get to fly along with Kal El and stuff which is cool, and there are a few iconic Superman comic frames in there with him punching things in the air.

Henry Cavill is great as Kal El/Clark Kent, although he's mainly asked to play it angsty and concerned. The few flashes of him being happy show the side of Superman we'd have expected to see and hopefully int he sequels they'll make him a bit more light-hearted. Physically, whoa. Great job, Henry. Like he just stepped out of a Superman comic. The symbol on his suit needs to be brighter, you can barely make out the S at times.
There's a lot more Jor El in this film than you might have thought, Russsell Crowe does a surprisingly good job selling ridiculous things; Including, and I'm not joking, flying on the back of a cute four-winged leopard-dragon like some grey-haired Never Ending Story survivor and wearing an actual toy as a costume. He does it with dignity and panache, to his credit.
Michael Shannon is great as Zod, giving it 110% with the raging, but allowing little cracks of conscience to flit across his face when people pick him up on his evilness.
Amy Addams is a bit of a waste as Lois, sadly. The school of Surprised Face Acting for the most part, she leaves little impression other than how much she looks like Nicole Kidman and how pointy her nose-job is.
Laurence Fishburne as Perry White is barely in the film, but at least we get to see how caring and strong Perry is during the hour-long flattening of Metropolis.
Kevin Costner and Diane Lane are good as Mr and Mrs Kent. Costner's Pa is suprisingly more amoral than you might have thought, possibly prepared to let a bus load of kids die to protect Clark's secret, which presumably is to allow what happens later to happen and provide that 'he's not a boy scout' vibe everyone was terrified about at Warner Bros. Ma and Pa aren't in the film much, they skip the baby lifting a truck sequences and we mainly see Clark as a young boy and then grown man. Young Clarks also good actors.
Hans Zimmer's theme is quite simple but inspirational, he repeats it a lot throughout scenes so you will be dee-deeing it to yourself for the evening afterwards.

So all in all, it's a solid start, much better than I feared it would be, not quite as good as it could have been with a few tweaks and a bit more character development here and there, but I'd say a solid 3.5 to 3 stars out of 5.

There is no end scene after the credits, other than 6 minutes of the Lone Ranger, which I didn't stay for. Wasted opportunity by Warner Bros there, should have had their films road-mapped long before they made Man Of Steel, and gone down the Marvel route of setting up the next DC Comics film in the credits of the first. Would have been glorious to have Superman lower himself into Gotham, and say a brief hello to a man in a black cape and pointy eared cowl...