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UNDOD 2012 Rules
« on: September 26, 2012, 11:39:59 AM »
The Unofficial Diorama of Doom 2012 rules

The Diorama of Doom is a friendly competition to highlight your artistic skills and to also highlight the miniatures and accessories of the FoD companies. Over the last few DoDs there have been some truly exceptional pieces of work that really show what creative people frequent this forum.
This competition has no prize except for the satisfaction of a job well done and bragging rights but there have been offers of prizes so this MAY change... but even if prizes don’t become available, you will still be able to say ‘ I won that!’

There are three categories:

1.   Only 1 FoD company’s miniatures.
2.   More than 1 FoD company’s miniatures.
3.   All 4 of the FoD companies miniatures.

The FoD companies are:

1.   Heresy (including Spyglass and Eolith).
2.   Hasslefree (including Twilight).
3.   Black Scorpion.
4.   Fenris.

A miniature is defined as a figure or monster (can be multi part) that is sold by one of the FoD companies. It does NOT include accessories, bases, weapons or anything else.

You may use accessories, scenery and items from other companies but any miniatures MUST come from one of the FoD companies. That means no miniatures from non-FoD companies.

Base sizes vary for category:

Category 1 – 120mm diameter circle (a standard CD)
Category 2 – 150mm diameter circle
Category 3 – 200mm diameter circle

There is to be no overlap of the bases but height is not restricted in any way.

The theme for the competition will be any genre (sci-fi, Fantasy etc) and will revolve around:


(Adversity – difficult, tough or hard circumstances)

The start date for the competition is 23rd September 2012 and the competition will finish at 12-00hrs (midday) on 24th Dec 2012 GMT.

Sunday 23rd September, I will post a topic for ‘start pictures’... unpainted and unassembled miniatures that will be used in the competition with a time reference of some sort.

Prior to the finish date I will provide a link to the gallery for finished dioramas to be posted and the pic sizes required.

Once all the entries are in, I will put up voting threads for the various categories and an overall winner.

The winner will receive bragging rights and may, this year end up with some prizes but nothing is confirmed at this date... watch this space.

Get your thinking caps on!


There is no need for secrecy unless you choose it. WIP pics can be posted anywhere you like. This is a friendly competition and one of the benefits of something like this is to see how people achieve the results they do.
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