Author Topic: It's a jollee 'ollydaaay for Muurreee...  (Read 1260 times)

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It's a jollee 'ollydaaay for Muurreee...
« on: August 24, 2012, 12:59:31 PM »
Well, I've come over all Dick Van Dyke, singing and dancing and cavorting with cartoon penguins. It's that or sob, most days. Anyway, it's a Bank Holiday here in the UK this Monday, which means the Post Office is shut along with a lot of other businesses, such as the place that's fixing my metal-smelting pot. Unfortunately, it's probably going to take them all week to fix it due to them all being on holiday etc, which rather leaves me in a pickle as if there are any orders that need stuff casting up, they'll be delayed until the pot comes back from the 'shop, so to speak.

So, what to do? (Well, part of me says take the week off, you bloody need it, but then I'll be snowed under with orders when I come back. Doing all this by myself isn't easy!) The answer is of course, to apologise in advance for any delays by offering you all free shipping on any miniatures orders worth 20.00 or more until the post gets fixed, which hopefully will be by the end of next week, fingers crossed, depending on what turns out to be wrong with it this time (New one costs 700, can't buy one as that money needs to be found to pay for the Salute deposit for next year! It's all money-out this business!)

So: if you place an order of 20.00 of miniatures (not tools, sorry) and enter the code FREESHIPPING into the Discount Coupon box on the shopping cart your order will be posted at no cost to yourself, using the Standard Shipping for your country - if you want Express/Insured Delivery etc then you need to pay for it as normal, I'm afraid! Offer expires midnight UK, Monday September 3rd. (Unless the pot isn't fixed by then, in which case I'll have to extend it, I suppose...)

Hope you all enjoy this coming week, I'm off to swear at a skeleton's ribcage for the next 3 days. (If only I knew how to work those 3d program thingies, this 'symmetry' business is hard work!)

Cheers for now!

Andy Foster

Heresy Miniatures Ltd

PS Added more offers to various packs on the cart (including the Troopers 10 Man Squad), so now is the time to grab those miniatures you were thinking of getting!

PPS Yes, I know it's another 'stuff's gone wrong' post. Deal with it.