Author Topic: FS: Mk1 Netherlord & Base, LE Strolling Thrud  (Read 2752 times)

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FS: Mk1 Netherlord & Base, LE Strolling Thrud
« on: February 17, 2012, 01:09:42 AM »
Just a quick notification to the Fodders that I'm selling off a large chunk of my own collection of stuff and 2 of the items are a MK 1 Netherlord, spines version with the special Netherlord base (cracked flagstones) and a LE Strolling thrud #28 to be precise.

Both are mint in box/blister and untouched (other than to check that everything is in there)

Netherlord - 100 ono

Thrud - 30 ono

There may be some other discontinued Heresy items soon (I tend to snaffle them away for myself whenever anything gets cut from ranges I like on the off chance I ever wanna use them).

When I find/photograph them I'l update this thread. I can be e-mail at artemis at artemisblacks dot com or you can pm through the forum.