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Ideas, Inspiration & Thoughts / Re: UnDoD 2014 chat.
« on: October 25, 2014, 04:56:57 PM »
Unfortunately for me life has got in the way... I should get more time in November, when I am not making my wife's 1st year anniversary present! I have done bits and pieces to mine though, just nothing substantial.

WIPs of Doom / Re: leadhead'z WIP
« on: October 09, 2014, 08:10:06 PM »
It's looking good. If the wall is going to be 'rendered' may I make a suggestion; use PVA glue. Apply it over the wall and leave it for a minute or two, then start 'stippling' it with an off cut piece of balsa as it dries. The end result is really effective...  :D

WIPs of Doom / Re: leadhead'z WIP
« on: October 05, 2014, 01:03:20 PM »
Ahh I see now. Will this be a street corner, possibly near a seedy Tavern? I'm looking forward to seeing the full effect of this  :D

The Colouring-in Room / Re: Mullet the Barbarian delves deep
« on: October 04, 2014, 04:45:23 PM »
Afternoon all  :smile:

I have managed to get some work done to this, but due to rubbish lighting I haven't taken many photos! Plus all thats happened is it's been sprayed black, painted brown then drybrushed brown - not all that exciting! Anyway, here are some snaps...

The last one is a new tool I was required to make! Which my wifed raised the question - can you buy bendy brushes to paint those hard to reach areas?!   :lol: On this picture, I have just realised, is the sample I made for the paint scheme. It wouldn't photograph very well so I gave up. On this picture however it looks fine!  :crazy: You can clearly see the washes running down the already drybrush layered scheme. I will attempt to photograph this again at some point...

WIPs of Doom / Re: WIP of Doom, by Remerezz
« on: October 04, 2014, 04:20:24 PM »
Afternoon all  :)

I have actually been getting bits done to this, but the weather has been putting me off photographing it! I have some photos now but I forgot to time-stamp them before I re-named them, so now the camera doesn't recognise them! Lesson learned. However these pictures are only of the base, which Inso said I could construct before the start time but I didn't get chance. Anyway, here is the base...

Mainly MDF here. 18mm for the base, 4mm for column & top. The column base has thick card surrounding it and the top has 3mm hardboard which will be cut to the shape of the landscape. The black pipe piece will be glued on the underside of the top piece to house the batteries and wires etc. This hopefully will make more sense to you as time goes on! :lol:

WIPs of Doom / Re: leadhead'z WIP
« on: October 04, 2014, 03:47:21 PM »
Not a clue!  :lol:

WIPs of Doom / Re: Inso's WIP of Doom!
« on: September 27, 2014, 10:39:34 AM »
So are these the knights that say 'Nee'?  :wink:

WIPs of Doom / Re: WIP of Doom, by Remerezz
« on: September 26, 2014, 05:10:58 PM »
Evening  :smile:

Yes I had thought of the space issue. It is something I pondered for some time, I was even thinking of 18" at one point! I have an armature tree which I created as a test around a year ago. It's a brilliant representation of size for a tree in 28-30mm scale, at around 12" square with all the branches. I have wanted to make more trees to this effect for some time, but I have no room to store them. With this diorama I have a planned area to display it, so space is not an issue  :D

Space aside, the vegetation will be thought through. Ground levels and vegetation height will make this piece really interesting to behold, with lots of hidden creatures and mystical elements. This is the reason for the lazy susan, its a must really!  :lmao:

WIPs of Doom / Re: WIP of Doom, by Remerezz
« on: September 26, 2014, 09:44:14 AM »
Morning  :D

I won't be getting any work done to this today, me and my wife are off to York for the day. I have however photographed my concept for you all to see. I haven't as yet got a title Brandlin, although something like this sprung to mind: 'Mummy said there were no monsters'  :lol:

The idea behind this diorama is our budding heroes are on a quest to rid a dark wood of it's inhabitants. The rumours are that the monsters only come out at night (as any self respecting monster would)! Upon arrival at the 'Woodland Throne' the party sorceress tells a tale of the spirits in this wood ensnaring passers by, warping or mutating them into tree-spirits! Before the heroes eyes, these very same spirits seem to materialise from the trees or climb/ crawl down from the canopy, their yellow eyes and the green glow from the foliage above making the scene eerie to behold.

So to elaborate on my design. The base itself will be like a cake stand, which will rotate (hence the lazy susan)! The trees and tree-spirits/ men will all be made using wire and foam, with fibre optics for eyes and canopy lighting. There maybe a pond under the central tree, which may look like a throne. I will explain more later, I need to get sorted and go!  :P

WIPs of Doom / WIP of Doom, by Remerezz
« on: September 25, 2014, 03:11:50 PM »
Hi all  :smile:

Well I'm still getting bits sorted for this, but I have my idea thought through and in the pipe work! It is going to be a large diorama, a whole twelve inches across.. Below is the starting materials I have gathered, which may leave you wondering  :wink:

So far I have rubber tube, heat shrink tube, renedra bases, an aquarium fern, flat top L.E.D's of different colours, a lazy susan, the character miniatures and 14 meters of fibre optic cable!!   :shock:

The miniatures are Hasstlefree's Volk the bastard and Hayden, and Heresy's Autumn and the Were-Turtle.

As for what the diorama will be, I will explain more a little later  :D

UNDOD 2014 / Re: UNDoD14 - The Rules.
« on: September 18, 2014, 09:27:39 PM »
Ahh okay. Yeah the base will basically look like a cake stand, but it will be getting covered so it won't be seen in the end  :thumbup:

UNDOD 2014 / Re: UNDoD14 - The Rules.
« on: September 17, 2014, 09:00:13 PM »
Well the ball is rolling. I've been thinking and planning my idea since my first reply here and now I will be entering this little competition!  :shock:

I do have a question though. My diorama is going to be pretty large, 18" high by 12" in diameter is my estimate!! Without giving too much away, I need to build a base kind of like a cake stand; can I build this before we get started?  :eh: This won't be the final look of the diorama, as a lot of modelling will be going on top of it.

The Colouring-in Room / Re: Mullet the Barbarian delves deep
« on: September 15, 2014, 09:38:54 PM »
Good evening all  :D

Sorry for the silence! I now have the colour scheme sorted. It took sooo many trial and error attempts, because I was trying to avoid dry brushing! However it will be a dry brushing exercise...  :yawn: Alas, it will look the buisness! I will post a picture of my palette when I have good light to take a photo, in the meantime I will explain my colour scheme here. I use citadel paints. If I use the old name of a paint, I don't have a new version. This is important because in my experience some of the new paints are different colours.

Black - Base Coat
Rhinox Hide - Base Coat
Scorched Brown (Rhinox Hide is the replacement for Scorched Brown, but it is NOT the same colour) - Dry brush
Mournfang Brown (Bestial Brown) - Dry brush
Skrag Brown (Vermin Brown) - Dry brush
Snakebite Leather (Balor Brown) - Heavy dry brush
Zamesi Desert (Bubonic Brown) - Heavy dry brush
Ushabti Bone (Bleached Bone) - Dry brush

Washes will be used to add depth and details. I will be using Nuln Oil, Seraphim Sepia, Agrax Earthshade and Coelia Greenshade.

The complexity won't stop there. I will be attempting to add lighting effects to this diorama, which will be a first for me. There will be about six different tones with the paint and an extra twenth four possible tones added with the washes!  :shock:

I did start undercoating this with a tin of Army Painter black spray - but it almost ruined the whole thing! I have been having issues with this and another tin of fur brown - they have not been mixing properly and throwing splodges all over models. This culminated on this project when all the details disappeared on certain parts! I was gutted and very frustrated! So now I am looking into getting some citadel spray paint - but catching my local GW open seems to be an impossible task!!  :tantrum:

Now I must apologies again - for the ESSAY!  :lmao:

Ideas, Inspiration & Thoughts / Re: UnDoD 2014 chat.
« on: September 13, 2014, 09:30:40 AM »
The Were-Turtle is only 4, that would be a cheap ogre!   :wink: On that note though it would be really cool to see this line developed. Normal sized Shell warriors like the Were-Turtle here, to the monstrous Ogre-Turtles and minute Pygmy warriors that stand half the height of a normal shell warrior, but they attack in numbers!  :ninja: :ninja2:  :ninja:

My Shell Warrior here will be part of my diorama I've decided. Not sure what to do about weapons just yet, though his shield I would like to make into a turtle-shell. I like the idea that his shell-shield is an ancestors shell, which upon their death was gifted to the warrior!  :D

Ideas, Inspiration & Thoughts / Re: UnDoD 2014 chat.
« on: September 12, 2014, 06:38:32 PM »
I always thought the were turtle was larger.  Dr Payne could conceivably be converted to a fantasy setting...

So did I!!  :lol: To be honest though, I think it works better smaller. After all, it would be huge to a 'normal' turtle!
Yeah I think Dr Payne would make a good fantasy model (that isn't why he is pictured here though)!

Ideas, Inspiration & Thoughts / Re: UnDoD 2014 chat.
« on: September 12, 2014, 11:19:50 AM »
Apparently my miniature collection just isn't big enough, so I had to order some stuff off Heresy!!  :lmao: In truth there was one miniature which is going to be a part of my UNDoD this year, which I needed to buy as Andy has closed the store now due to the move. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!!!  muahahahaha

Anyway! The miniature I needed was the Elf Sorceress Autumn. I did however pick up a miniature which I have loved the look of for ages; the Were-Turtle! This little guy might make it into the diorama too  :D
Check out my ideas below...

Such an awesome miniature! Once I had stuck his head on the idea to give him/ her weapons popped into my head. Now everyone will think the same; TMNT. Well yeah, but check it out!

So yeah... This might just be another adventurer travelling through the woods, at night, with my Wood Elf Sorceress!  :yup:

I can't log in on your webstore Andy. I was gonna put a small order in...  :scratchhead:

1st EDIT: I just tried again and the message comes up warning that an error accured. I pressed back on the browser and it logged me in! Confused!  :blink:

2nd EDIT: Order placed!! :D

So you aren't dead! I thought you had been quiet since the end of the Kickstarter!  :silly

It looks like I will need to send an order your way then, as I need at least one mini for the UNDoD!!

I will repeat myself here too; if you need a hand moving just give me a heads up. I have a Citreon Birlingo which fits a surprising amount in it! I would need a little notice mind, as I live 2 1/2 hours from you (near Middlesborough). Plus I may only be able to do weekends - but I won't charge you anything!  :thumbup:

Ideas, Inspiration & Thoughts / Re: UnDoD 2014 chat.
« on: September 08, 2014, 05:37:35 PM »
I forgot to reply to this after I saw your post Ajsalium! I have had a good look on Hasstlefree now and I think I have inadvertently spied a set of adventurers I want! Volk the bastard, Gwen and Hayden are all catching my eye for this diorama. I also have Sana, Jholkar, Old Holvand, Lord Ulthrak and Wolf on my wish list now too!  :shock:

I kinda like Shimmer too, though for this diorama she isn't what I am after.

The Colouring-in Room / Re: Mullet the Barbarian delves deep
« on: September 08, 2014, 05:30:51 PM »
Evening!  :D

Just taken some photos of the work I did yesterday. Both Mullet and the Scorpion now have bases. Now it's a case of finishing off the Scorpions ledge, which needs sanding, then cleaning up the outside casing which has excess milliput all over it. Also I have started mocking-up some mushrooms which are based around the glowing mushrooms in skyrim, just cause! I had thoughts about making them from clear resin and sticking L.E.D's behind them - but as I don't have any experience moulding or casting I thought it best not to bother!

I have started messing around with colours too. I have tried to use washes as layers, which have some interesting results. Some of my results are found in the album on photobucket

Plastics Fantastic / Re: Plastics - your input wanted!
« on: September 07, 2014, 04:11:43 PM »
I voted for Zombies, Gribblies, Goblins with hand weapons & shields, Adventurers party and Sci-fi Gangs. For the reasons why, see below (in my own opinions):

Zombies; GW have the right idea with these being multi-part, but they are too out of proportion and 1980's horror movie. Mantics are just aweful. I must confess I love Steve Buddles Spyglass /Eolith Zombies which you produce Andy, but I've always been unsure of your own until I saw the painted pictures on your Kickstarter!

Gribblies; Every dungeon needs these!!

Goblins; Without a doubt your Goblins are fantastic! I love them as Hobgoblins. I really want loads of variations with your goblins - especially Goblins on wolves!

Adventurers party; You could do several of these, different races and vocations for example...  :whistle:

Gangs; Another great market for you to expand into. GW are stupid for dropping their specialist games ranges.

Food for thought!  :boing:

The Colouring-in Room / Re: Mullet the Barbarian delves deep
« on: September 06, 2014, 09:51:07 PM »
Day off I said; fat chance there! Ahh well, I got quite a bit done tonight. Please excuse the pictures, they are in very poor light!

The sub-level now has a 'slug hole'. It was an after thought which I think works well! Just the Scorpion base to sort now. I plan to put mushrooms, foilage and the like, along with some critters like a bat.

On a similar vein, I need some advice painting a cavern! I have tried to look online for advice but not much has come up. I am trying to avoid the traditional grey!!  :lol:

Ideas, Inspiration & Thoughts / Re: UnDoD 2014 chat.
« on: September 05, 2014, 05:25:36 PM »
Well it looks like I will be entering this UNDoD now! Just been for a walk in the woods with my wife brain-storming ideas.

It's a woodland theme involving tree-men/ spirits which will be scratch built. I will be using Heresy Miniatures Wood Elf Sorceress, Autumn. Not sure about others yet, but It will give me an excuse to maybe buy some Hasstlefree miniatures at long last!

Category will be 'They mostly come at night... mostly'  :paranoid2:

The Colouring-in Room / Re: Mullet the Barbarian delves deep
« on: September 05, 2014, 05:17:41 PM »
Evening all. I haven't had chance to do any work to this today, or take photos of the work I did yesterday yet! I'm off to work shortly too, so I will be working on this tomorrow - as I have a day off!  :boing:

@Ben Brownlie; Yes the edge is plasticard. What might be better for edging a playing board is hardboard. It's generally 3mm thick and around 4 a sheet (120cm x 60cm). I think edging a board with plasticard could get pricey. Also try this; - I made a 6ft x 4ft one using 18mm MDF and black leatherette for about 30. It transforms our kitchen table into a great gaming table!

The Colouring-in Room / Re: Mullet the Barbarian delves deep
« on: September 05, 2014, 09:45:48 AM »
Thanks Beefcake! I did some more work to this yesterday, I will post the pic's a little later :)

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