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'White Metal' / Re: martial artist need criticism
« on: March 12, 2012, 11:30:23 AM »

I took these pictures from zoom distance.....does it improve the views?

'White Metal' / Re: martial artist need criticism
« on: March 05, 2012, 08:06:28 PM »
Thank you very much Sally for your kind words!

why did you decide this stance
I was trying to give sense of motion through anatomy AND I'm a Bruce Lee fan.
The right arm could be  away from the body because of the spin of the kick, but I thought that if there is a possibility of casting him, it should be better to have more aligment (even if I had no experience of casting)
what reference material did you use?
I mainly used this:

to get a better overview of the shape you could try doing a shot from a distance
I'll surely do it the way have u got any advice about minis lighting for picures?

'White Metal' / Re: martial artist need criticism
« on: March 04, 2012, 02:30:07 PM »
thx to all :)

Brummie: yes it is. Both position and his supposed right dominant hand don't justify it

Ajsalium: Now I can clearly see your point on front-back surfaces

Ishil: I can't immagine how to sculpt differently a yawn from a kenshiros aaaATA!!!!

'White Metal' / martial artist need criticism
« on: March 03, 2012, 05:44:03 PM »
hi everyone I would love to have some feedback and criticism on my last work.
he is about 32mm sole to top of the head if standing properly
brass armature
first layer: gs
all the rest: fimo

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