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Non-FOD minis / Re: X-Wing boardgame
« on: August 02, 2013, 02:01:33 PM »
Smokin'!  :woohoo:

I'd go for... 'Puff'...?   :whistle:

Sounds like my wife....  :roll:

Have to admit the radio silence is making me a bit worried.

On the 5th I received my first Heresy order (some minis for Chaos In Carpathia + a lolly, which I had to hide for my TWO daughters) - so he's in there, somewhere  :shrug:

Will all you rich people PLEASE post painted pics when you get so far..?   :smile:

I think people usually do if they get anything like this painted...

...but it hasn't been even sculpted yet! Aren't you getting ahead of things by some six months here?

Nope. I want to put pressure on those more fortunate than I...  :wry:

Will all you rich people PLEASE post painted pics when you get so far..?   :smile:

in a special folder in my inbox marked 'Dragons', fear not...
I have my own special folder in your inbox ?  :boing:

Probably the deleted items folder? :angel:

Ouch!  :whip:

Geez... tv* or dragon... tv or dragon... tv or dragon...?  :crazy:

What do you need a TV for..? You have a hobby, and if you buy this you'll be needing all the evening hours you can get...  :wink: :angel:

I just sent the link to a couple of friends and posted it on the LAF. You never now.

That dragon is going to be awesome. If I weren't desperately looking for a new job (my company closes Jan 31st), I'd probably go for it. Just now, though, money might get a bit tight, soon (I'll be short about 250 a month if I do not find something....).

A much nicer dragon than the horror GW spat out for LotR IMHO.

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