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Heresy - Announcements/News / Re: Closing down...
« on: August 19, 2013, 11:18:17 AM »
Glad to see the update - I did have a feeling, knowing the size of the task, it would take a while and be understandably frustrating for you. Does it make much of a difference to final casted look of the Dragon having resculpted parts? or since you have  the master in front of you you  just replicate what was done previous?

Not that I would mind either way. It would be cool knowing there were a few originals out there with slight subtle differences.

Heresy - Announcements/News / Re: Closing down...
« on: July 24, 2013, 12:34:04 PM »
great news - I admire your dedication. I swear every time I see my little sister,15!, she always asks where my Dragon is. She wants it more than me I think  8::: .  It's a perfect time for a sale as well as the ole banko is looking healthy. 

Libertee's Miscellaneous Musings II / Re: Things that make you happy
« on: July 11, 2013, 03:20:45 PM »
Getting off work for a week which is long overdue. Going for a Long weekend to visit the GF's family and all her friends for the first time. In Nottingham no less. Its been a good few years since I was down that way. Then beginning new job -which is a step up in the company I work for. Wee pay rise too which is quite handy! 

Ideas for New Heresy Models / Re: Kickstarter?
« on: February 02, 2013, 02:59:35 PM »
You've presented such a hard choice. Both are things I'd like to see.   As said before at the moment there is a glut of scifi but by the time you can run the KS, it may be just about right for more. Considering my present collection is mostly fantasy and I like monsters I will pump for fantasy.  Just a set of rules would be quite nice but if there was the option for your own boxed game with figs and boards that would be the big earner i think. Although I guess that would require a heck of a lot of planning.

A thought about the troopers - In the mean time to generate some funds, might it be fairly cost effective to run up some troopers at the size you have just now in say resin or that restic (a horrible conjunction of a name) stuff mantic does? I for one would like a small 3up scale squad.   It would eliminate the need for plastic tooling ?

I don't mind doing a kickstarter where I pay retail price if that is the only way to get it to market but it seems others dont think that way. Definitely having options to get extras which don't cost too much may be a good edition eg bitz, bases.  You'd  need to get a lot of word out via forums and podcasts I think for proper exposure.

That's great news.  You know what they say, there's a time for everything! 

Heresy - Announcements/News / Re: Use it or lose it. Heresy's future...
« on: August 27, 2011, 03:54:48 PM »
I can't remember the old shop so well  but to be a little more specific which may clarify what I mean in previous.
Also this is purely subjective, well I've done a little basic web design before,  other people may tell you different things.   

The graphics and little slideshow is great, colour scheme looks about right(nice red and black). photos are spot on. having the background in white doesn't seem to sit right, it makes all the elements jump out. may a gradient from dark grey to black would work or a dark red?     

 The text font (for body text etc..) is probably what makes it feel a little old, I don't know what if any program you use for the design, most have an option to anti-alias text which make it nice and smooth. It seems a little hard to read.

 The colour changes from red to blue (or yellow to blue)on the links should be rethought to make consistent.

On the top menu list  (a good design aspect btw)  its got little white gaps which are off putting. make them black or if you want a divider then a shorter line in different colour may work.

Hope that is of any use. 

Heresy - Announcements/News / Re: Use it or lose it. Heresy's future...
« on: August 27, 2011, 03:23:42 PM »
Yeah I've thought that before. having some sort of combined arms/aims ;)  Me too really thinking the sculptor needs to devote time to mainly sculpting if possible.

Although the website looks a little dated (I like the style still) Other big stores like Wayland and Maelstrom have rubbish sites for navigating. A list of all manufacturers should be from A to Z no? or allowed users to reorder on the fly..

I hate to think of lost time as the creative person has to get bogged down into boring stuff. They could be doing publicity in sculpting down time like on Beasts of War fro example! Consdiering most manufacturers are appearing on it the absence of Heresy and Hasslefree is noticable. 

Rhetoric is what its all bout here ;)  as well as rampant nerdism. Its very nice to hear a more reasoned tone coming across Anatora. Thats the problem with text based mediums you can never tell tone fully. I'm not usually an irritable git or too reactionary but when things come across badly I can usually rise to the occaision. 

Well getting two different tones from someone who is a lawyer (have I read between the lines properly?), hardly seems unusual. I'm no hypocrite, I work in IT and fully aware of my faults. Namely being a bit Obsessive compulsive, thinking I know everything,  among others I'm sure 8:::   

In case anything doesn't come across properly,  I mean this in gentle humor and a wry smile on my face. Don't take me too seriously (unless I'm having a rant of course)

Roll on more dragon news!

I was rather drunk when posting my comment!  so you could tell i was: :swear:
Any wait is hard but I know all that will be forgotten once I get my grubby paws on one!
I knew you'd be trying to do something about it Andy!   

I'm sorry but you seem to be ill-informed.
NO ONE is asking you to pay more than than the original 100 for the dragons.  Some people have paid more out of purely a personal choice.

 As for the shipping cost it was stated from the get go it would be more expensive than usual, considering that is for USA or rest ofworld. It seems very reasonable to me. I had to fedex something to Denmark from UK before and it cost me 35 with preferential rates as I was sending from the company I worked with. 

Whatever the production method/contract as a customer its not really your business. You pay the money, it gets made and sent to you. Andy is just the kind of person who likes to let the community how things work.

While I also don't like the thought or how much extra time it'll take  to get mine, its a custom artizan piece scultped by craftsmen, moulded and cast by craftsmen and will be worth every penny.   Thats not cheap work!   What you  should expect is probably an estimate of when you can expect your to arrive, is probably law here. ( I don't know where you're from)

Free from defects, what else do you expect?? From every evidence here on the forum and web the dragon will arrive every bit as perfect as you expect!     

How about instead of casting aspersions actually just state your mind!   Or actually read the information on the website/ forum which will be perfectly clear.

No worries man, you know what its like you see a post and the brain goes 'you know what i think about that'.  The curse of internets I've probably gotten too cynical and cautious these days, tis a sad world.

Do this not seem to everyone like:  LOVELY SPAM, WONDERFUL SPAM, SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAAAAMM!!

-if its not, hell nice to know but seriously would anyone take up that?

As to the new store: much better it seems.
 As to the rest of the issues being discussed:   Seriously I'd hate Heresy not to be around. I am a fan, one who despite loving the models has an ever growing list to buy and may only just be getting to the point where I can afford to. I certainly have purchased things in the past. Probably the same for a lot of folk,  and I don't think we cause an issue by excitedly window shopping and drooling.

It seems all business is hard work, for some it goes smoother than others (them the breaks) but it takes major cohones to go as far as Andy has, I'd have chickened out way early.  DON'T anyone here pretend they can do it better, pass judgement, or act like they know it all. As someone who has rarely had things just dropped on my plate I know what its like to work hard for little return, as many here also do I'm sure, so utmost respect to the man. You can't fault it.   With my health I couldn't even comtemplate the workload.

It seems the issue often with some companies they make the highest quality products and suffer but companies with inferior standards and service are laughing all the way to the bank. Whether they are cheaper or more expensive it seems not to matter. I can't say I understand why or can offer any business advice just that I hope things pick up and settle down a bit, any wips I've seen are as great as ever.   All the best.

Hi Andy, where am I in the list?    Tim Humble  (hope all this aint wasting ur time)

Anyone seen the new WhiteDwarf? GW has new dragons/monsters out and they don't look half as good as Andy's!  Although if they made it anything like the cover art then Heresy might have some (but little) competition.

Having just been gifted an airbrush and compressor from the lovely folks at a job I'm leaving, I am even more excited about seeing my dragon in the flesh. Now to think how to paint it!

Anticipation growing, can't wait to see the many parts (it dont scare me I got epoxy), nevermind just how long it'll take to paint and prepare. Wish I was going to salute.

Thanks for the info, I suppose it'll be better in the end as you'll make a bit more money ( or lose less  :erm:) with molds lasting longer.

Holy Canneloni! Looking awesome. Suirprising how few parts there are really. The picture made it look small until I figured the board it is on must be big. I too share the sentiment of wanting to pay more, having heard about the cost issues in making it. Can only say that for your next big models you do( and I really hope you will make more) don't give us a final price too early!  :wry: With the wonders of CAD/CAM these days surely you could get a various scale versions made easily ( a dinky 1/4 size paperweight? )  which might be big sellers too. I'm just throwing ideas out there. Looking forward to a year where I may have a bit more money to spend on figures which would be a pleasant change.

Wow this is one incredible model, It was worth the wait for updates and I'll be very pleased to see it on my shelf when its done.

Usually its riding a motorbike with the wind in your hair(haven't had that pleasure in a while).
larking about with old friends.
Sitting feet dangling over a couple of thousand foot drop at the top of a mountain
spending a day in the guts of a computer/car or various gizmos. 
Having fun with my wee sister

What grinds my gears literally is a so called 'professional' garage not talking straight and making it difficult for me to decide what to do with my broken car. A new but old fiesta whose gearbox broke just before an MOT. I've had it up to here in the last few years with scamming beggars of mechanics.( Thats not a slur on them all I know some very good ones ) I'd do the work myself if I had time. Also my annoying little niece (12) who is turning into a little b**** who gives me (and everyone else )lip all the time and whose mother isn't inclined to do anything but give me grief!! I hope I'm not around in a few years. Still life is mainly positive eh.

Oh yes! the dragon to beat all dragons. I shall certainly put in a deposit when I can afford- but for now I'm feeling poor due to buying my first car and its insurance.  :notworthy:

General Ranting / Re: Find a FoDDer!
« on: July 18, 2008, 02:46:05 PM »
Hi I'm new. I'm at PA27 that's in Argyll Scotland for those who want to know. hopefully I can get out more to Glasgow or the likes for gaming once I pass my driving test.

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